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Human and Animal Cells 293T(RCB2202) Structural Insight into the Interaction of Sendai Virus C Protein with Alix To Stimulate Viral Budding.
DNA material Genome Network Project Human cDNA Clone , IRAL009L17 (HGY083881) , IRAL008O12 (HGY083548) The Novel ALG-2 Target Protein CDIP1 Promotes Cell Death by Interacting with ESCRT-I and VAPA/B.
Yeast A complex network of interactions between mitotic kinases, phosphatases and ESCRT proteins regulates septation and membrane trafficking in S. pombe.
Human and Animal Cells GSU(RCB2278) , JHOS-2(RCB1521) , KP4(RCB1005) , OVK18(RCB1903) Synthetic Lethal Interaction between the ESCRT Paralog Enzymes VPS4A and VPS4B in Cancers Harboring Loss of Chromosome 18q or 16q.
C.elegans tm4536 The exocyst complex and Rab5 are required for abscission by localizing ESCRT III subunits to the cytokinetic bridge.
Zebrafish Tg(sox17:EGFP) EGF receptor kinase suppresses ciliogenesis through activation of USP8 deubiquitinase.
Drosophila 9712R-1 Rapid depletion of ESCRT protein Vps4 underlies injury-induced autophagic impediment and Wallerian degeneration.
C.elegans tm847 , tm1595 , tm3790 SNX-1 and RME-8 oppose the assembly of HGRS-1/ESCRT-0 degradative microdomains on endosomes.
C.elegans tm1483 , tm3200 The ESCRT-II proteins are involved in shaping the sarcoplasmic reticulum in C. elegans.
DNA material CSII-EF-MCS (RDB04378). EGF receptor kinase suppresses ciliogenesis through activation of USP8 deubiquitinase.
C.elegans tm7401 Ist1 regulates ESCRT-III assembly and function during multivesicular endosome biogenesis in Caenorhabditis elegans embryos.
Yeast BYP1419 Evidence for ESCRT- and clathrin-dependent microautophagy.
DNA material pDUAL (RDB06178) LEM2 recruits CHMP7 for ESCRT-mediated nuclear envelope closure in fission yeast and human cells.
C.elegans tm3489 Interactions between endosomal maturation and autophagy: analysis of ESCRT machinery during Caenorhabditis elegans development.
Human and Animal Cells Herpes simplex virus type 2 tegument protein UL56 relocalizes ubiquitin ligase Nedd4 and has a role in transport and/or release of virions.
Arabidopsis / Cultured plant cells, genes pst18264 Dual roles of an Arabidopsis ESCRT component FREE1 in regulating vacuolar protein transport and autophagic degradation.
Drosophila The Myopic-Ubpy-Hrs nexus enables endosomal recycling of Frizzled.
Drosophila An ESCRT module is required for neuron pruning.
DNA material pco12 EGFR (RDB01276) , CSII-EF-MCS (RDB04378). ESCRT-0 protein hepatocyte growth factor-regulated tyrosine kinase substrate (Hrs) is targeted to endosomes independently of signal-transducing adaptor molecule (STAM) and the complex formation with STAM promotes its endosomal dissociation.
DNA material pRS416-PADH1-ccdB-yEGFP-TTEF1 (RDB08380) , pDONR221-GAP1 (RDB08381) , pDONR221-PUT4 (RDB08382) , pDONR221-AGP1 (RDB08383) , pDONR221-GNP1 (RDB08384) , pDONR221-gap1[K9R/K16R] (RDB08385) , pRS416-PADH1-yEGFP-TTEF1 (RDB08386) , pRS416-PADH1-GAP1-yEGFP-TTEF1 (RDB08387) , pRS416-PADH1-PUT4-yEGFP-TTEF1 (RDB08388) , pRS416-PADH1-AGP1-yEGFP-TTEF1 (RDB08389) , ... Phosphorylation of a conserved Thr357 in yeast Nedd4-like ubiquitin ligase Rsp5 is involved in down-regulation of the general amino acid permease Gap1.