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General Microbes JCM 32101 Acinetobacter piscicola sp. nov., isolated from diseased farmed Murray cod (Maccullochella peelii peelii).
General Microbes JCM 16521 , JCM 15395 Lentibacillus alimentarius sp. nov., isolated from Myeolchi-jeotgal, a traditional Korean high-salt fermented anchovy.
General Microbes JCM 31611 , JCM 6388 Mycobacterium stephanolepidis sp. nov., a rapidly growing species related to Mycobacterium chelonae, isolated from marine teleost fish, Stephanolepis cirrhifer.
General Microbes JCM 13039 MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry for rapid differentiation of Tenacibaculum species pathogenic for fish.
General Microbes JCM 10006 Diversity of the bacterial community in Myanmar traditional salted fish yegyo ngapi.
General Microbes JCM 31434 Deinococcus rubellus sp. nov., bacteria isolated from the muscle of antarctic fish.
General Microbes JCM 18087 Salinisphaera japonica sp. nov., a moderately halophilic bacterium isolated from the surface of a deep-sea fish, Malacocottus gibber, and emended description of the genus Salinisphaera.
General Microbes JCM 7364 Paracoccus siganidrum sp. nov., isolated from fish gastrointestinal tract.
Algae NIES-2145 The phytoplankton Nannochloropsis oculata enhances the ability of Roseobacter clade bacteria to inhibit the growth of fish pathogen Vibrio anguillarum.
General Microbes JCM 1157 , JCM 1465 , JCM 2257 , JCM 5803 , JCM 5885 Purification and characterization of multiple bacteriocins and an inducing peptide produced by Enterococcus faecium NKR-5-3 from Thai fermented fish.
General Microbes JCM 3359 , JCM 3361 , JCM 5849 , JCM 5850 Genetic and phenotypic comparison of Nocardia seriolae isolated from fish in Japan.
General Microbes JCM 12304 , JCM 11124 , JCM 15394 Identification of moderately halophilic bacteria from Thai fermented fish ( pla-ra ) and proposal of Virgibacillus siamensis sp. nov.
General Microbes JCM 15569 , JCM 21714 , JCM 7303 , JCM 7302 Gracilibacillus thailandensis sp. nov., from fermented fish (pla-ra).
General Microbes JCM12281 , JCM12662 , JCM14232 , JCM12337 Alkalibacterium thalassium sp. nov., Alkalibacterium pelagium sp. nov., Alkalibacterium putridalgicola sp. nov. and Alkalibacterium kapii sp. nov., slightly halophilic and alkaliphilic marine lactic acid bacteria isolated from marine organisms and salted foods collected in Japan and Thailand.
General Microbes JCM15095 , JCM15096 , JCM14472 Salinivibrio siamensis sp. nov., from fermented fish (pla-ra) in Thailand.
General Microbes JCM12288 , JCM13188 Piscibacillus salipiscarius gen. nov., sp. nov., a moderately halophilic bacterium from fermented fish (pla-ra) in Thailand.
General Microbes JCM10084 Phylogenetic diversity and cosymbiosis in the bioluminescent symbioses of "Photobacterium mandapamensis".
Pathogenic microorganisms P. phosphoreum? , JCM 1672? Photobacterium phosphoreum caused a histamine fish poisoning incident.
Pathogenic microorganisms JCM 12147? , JCM 11462? Isolation of Lentibacillus salicampi strains and Lentibacillus juripiscarius sp. nov. from fish sauce in Thailand.