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Human and Animal Cells Li-7(RCB1941) , Hep G2(RCB1886) , HuH-7(RCB1942) Rapid fluorescence imaging of human hepatocellular carcinoma using the β-galactosidase-activatable fluorescence probe SPiDER-βGal.
Human and Animal Cells B16F10(RCB2630) The new live imagers MitoMM1/2 for mitochondrial visualization.
Prokaryotes E. coli Keio collection Involvement of multiple influx and efflux transporters in the accumulation of cationic fluorescent dyes by Escherichia coli.
Human and Animal Cells HCE-T(RCB2280) DynaMiTES - A dynamic cell culture platform for in vitro drug testing PART 2 - Ocular DynaMiTES for drug absorption studies of the anterior eye.
Human and Animal Cells 293(RCB1637) LAT1-Targeting Thermoresponsive Fluorescent Polymer Probes for Cancer Cell Imaging.
DNA material mCherry-hCdt1(1/100)Cy(-)/pcDNA3 (RDB15459) , mCherry-hCdt1(1/100)Cy(-)/pCSII-EF (RDB15441) , mCherry-hCdt1(1/100)/pCSII-EF (RDB15442) , tFucci(SA)2/pCSII-EF (RDB15443) , tFucci(SA)2.1/pCSII-EF (RDB15444) , tFucci(SA)2.2/pCSII-EF (RDB15445) , tFucci(CA)2/pCSII-EF (RDB15446) , tFucci(CA)2.1/pCSII-EF (RDB15447) , tFucci(CA)2.2/pCSII-EF (RDB15448) , tFucci(SA)2/pCSII-CMV (RDB15449) , ... Genetically Encoded Tools for Optical Dissection of the Mammalian Cell Cycle.
DNA material YC2.12/pCS2 (RDB15132) , YC3.12/pCS2 (RDB15133) , YC2.60/pRSETB (RDB15134) , YC3.60/pcDNA3 (RDB15135) , YC3.60/pRSETB (RDB15136) , YC3.60pm/pRSETB (RDB15137) , YC4.60/pRSETB (RDB15138) , cp49Venus (RDB15120) , cp145Venus (RDB15121) , cp157Venus (RDB15122) , ... Expanded dynamic range of fluorescent indicators for Ca(2+) by circularly permuted yellow fluorescent proteins.
DNA material , Human and Animal Cells pcDNA5-GAPDH-HaloTag (RDB15088) , HeLa(RCB0007) Establishment of a novel fluorescence-based method to evaluate chaperone-mediated autophagy in a single neuron.
Human and Animal Cells Vero(RCB0001) Rapid detection of mycoplasma contamination in cell cultures using SYBR Green-based real-time polymerase chain reaction.
Human and Animal Cells HeLa(RCB0007) Regulation of nuclear import by light-induced activation of caged nuclear localization signal in living cells.
Human and Animal Cells KP4(RCB1005) Feasibility of Using an Enzymatically Activatable Fluorescence Probe for the Rapid Evaluation of Pancreatic Tissue Obtained Using Endoscopic Ultrasound-Guided Fine Needle Aspiration: a Pilot Study.
DNA material Genome Network human cDNA clone IRAL015K15 (HGY086255) , IRAL037F09 (HGY094929) , IRAK022O02 (HGX009138) , IRAL007N16 (HGY083128) , IRAL016K22 (HGY086662) , IRAL005A23 (HGY082023) , IRAK004O20 (HGX001956) , IRAL006E09 (HGY082505) , IRAL004F23 (HGY081743) A practical fluorogenic substrate for high-throughput screening of glutathione S-transferase inhibitors.
Drosophila In vivo fluorescent adenosine 5'-triphosphate (ATP) imaging of Drosophila melanogaster and Caenorhabditis elegans by using a genetically encoded fluorescent ATP biosensor optimized for low temperatures.
Mice RBRC00144 , RBRC02704 , RBRC02708 , RBRC02817 Fucci-guided purification of hematopoietic stem cells with high repopulating activity.
Arabidopsis / Cultured plant cells, genes rpc00001 Auxin transport sites are visualized in planta using fluorescent auxin analogs.
Yeast BYP1419 , BYP1805 A fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET)-based redox sensor reveals physiological role of thioredoxin in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
Human and Animal Cells HeLa(RCB0007) Mitochondrial matrix delivery using MITO-Porter, a liposome-based carrier that specifies fusion with mitochondrial membranes.