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DNA material pLYP2.2 (RDB01275) , Lyn/pLY30 (RDB01306) , pME18S-Lyn (RDB01966) The yes-related cellular gene lyn encodes a possible tyrosine kinase similar to p56lck.
DNA material mST6GalNACI (RDB02092) Cloning and expression of a human gene encoding an N-acetylgalactosamine-alpha2,6-sialyltransferase (ST6GalNAc I): a candidate for synthesis of cancer-associated sialyl-Tn antigens.
DNA material Human HS1 cDNA (RDB01286) Isolation and characterization of a novel human gene expressed specifically in the cells of hematopoietic lineage.
Prokaryotes B. subtilis MBS426 , MBS460 , MBS461 , MBS462 , MBS463 , MBS464 , MBS490 Genetic defects in DNA repair system and enhancement of intergenote transformation efficiency in Bacillus subtilis Marburg.
DNA material lambda Rag (RDB13177) Common structural organization of the angiotensinogen and the alpha 1-antitrypsin genes.
DNA material pHag 3 (RDB13176) Primary structure of human preangiotensinogen deduced from the cloned cDNA sequence.
Human and Animal Cells Application of a dicistronic mRNA expression vector to antisense RNA expression in mammalian cells.
Human and Animal Cells COS-7(RCB0539) Establishment of a highly sensitive and specific exon-trapping system.
Algae NIES-732 , NIES-733 Evolution of an expanded sex-determining locus in Volvox.
Prokaryotes B. subtilis MBS105 , MBS126 , MBS127 Organization and transcription of the gluconate operon, gnt, of Bacillus subtilis.
Prokaryotes E. coli pJAC4 A promoter probe vector (pJAC4) that utilizes the ampC beta-lactamase gene of Escherichia coli.
Prokaryotes E. coli M13mp10 , M13mp11 New M13 vectors for cloning.
Prokaryotes E. coli pMC1871 Beta-galactosidase gene fusions for analyzing gene expression in escherichia coli and yeast.
Prokaryotes E. coli pG1f1- , pG1f1+ Translation initiation potential of the 5' proximal AUGs of the polycistronic P/C mRNA of Sendai virus. A multipurpose vector for site-specific mutagenesis.
Prokaryotes E. coli pKN1562 Clustering of genes involved in replication, copy number control, incompatibility, and stable maintenance of the resistance plasmid R1drd-19.
Prokaryotes E. coli pFZY1 A low-copy-number vector utilizing beta-galactosidase for the analysis of gene control elements.
Prokaryotes E. coli pCM7 Construction and characterization of the chloramphenicol-resistance gene cartridge: a new approach to the transcriptional mapping of extrachromosomal elements.
Prokaryotes E. coli pYK18 , pYK19 Construction of beta-lactamase-encoding ApR gene cassettes for rapid identification of cloned genes.
Prokaryotes E. coli pEX2 , pEX3 Construction of a new family of high efficiency bacterial expression vectors: identification of cDNA clones coding for human liver proteins.
DNA material pcHNDN (RDB02986). The human chromosomal gene for necdin, a neuronal growth suppressor, in the Prader-Willi syndrome deletion region.