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Yeast FY13728(PY646) , FY13724(PY614) , FY13783(PZ856) , FY13728(PY646) ? Heterochromatin links to centromeric protection by recruiting shugoshin.
C.elegans tm892 , tm1217 , tm1276 , tm1637 , tm1120 , tm872 , tm894 , tm1163 , tm887 , tm1019 etc. Regulation of heterochromatin assembly on unpaired chromosomes during Caenorhabditis elegans meiosis by components of a small RNA-mediated pathway.
Yeast FY7430 Transcription-induced chromatin association of RNA surveillance factors mediates facultative heterochromatin formation in fission yeast.
DNA material pGEX6P-3-SUV39H1(39-105) (RDB15880) , pGEX6P-3-SUV39H1(39-105)-4A (RDB15881) , pMCs-FLAG-Suv39h1-IRES-GFP (RDB15883) , pMCs-FLAG-Suv39h1-4A-IRES-GFP (RDB15884) , pMCs-FLAG-Suv39h1-Y67A-IRES-GFP (RDB15885) , pMCs-FLAG-Suv39h1-Y67A-4A-IRES-GFP (RDB15886) , pMCs-FLAG-Suv39h1-delta N-IRES-GFP (RDB15887) , pMCs-FLAG-Suv39h1-R24 , K24A-IRES-GFP (RDB15888) , pCAG-FLAG-IRESpuro(NRI)-mmSuv39H1 (RDB15889) , ... Impact of nucleic acid and methylated H3K9 binding activities of Suv39h1 on its heterochromatin assembly.
Drosophila Inheritance of stress-induced, ATF-2-dependent epigenetic change.
Drosophila Drosophila Histone Demethylase KDM4A Has Enzymatic and Non-enzymatic Roles in Controlling Heterochromatin Integrity.
Drosophila Effect of heterochromatin stability on intestinal stem cell aging in Drosophila.
C.elegans tm3713 , tm1489 , tm4586 H3K23me2 is a new heterochromatic mark in Caenorhabditis elegans.
Yeast FY12806 Enhancer of Rudimentary Cooperates with Conserved RNA-Processing Factors to Promote Meiotic mRNA Decay and Facultative Heterochromatin Assembly.
Drosophila 5825R-3 The Drosophila DAXX-Like Protein (DLP) Cooperates with ASF1 for H3.3 Deposition and Heterochromatin Formation.
Yeast genomic DNA library (pTN-L1) A histone H3K9M mutation traps histone methyltransferase Clr4 to prevent heterochromatin spreading.
Human and Animal Cells Lamin B receptor recognizes specific modifications of histone H4 in heterochromatin formation.