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C.elegans tm5512 , tm2995 The transcriptional corepressor CTBP-1 acts with the SOX family transcription factor EGL-13 to maintain AIA interneuron cell identity in Caenorhabditis elegans.
Zebrafish Tg(chx10:GFP) V2a interneuron diversity tailors spinal circuit organization to control the vigor of locomotor movements.
C.elegans tm1996 Glia-derived neurons are required for sex-specific learning in C. elegans.
Zebrafish Tg[vsx1:GFP] , hspGFFDMC72A Different combinations of Notch ligands and receptors regulate V2 interneuron progenitor proliferation and V2a/V2b cell fate determination.
DNA material CS-CA-MCS (RDB05963) Enhanced flexibility of place discrimination learning by targeting striatal cholinergic interneurons.
Drosophila Select interneuron clusters determine female sexual receptivity in Drosophila.
Mice RBRC01105 SEMA3A signaling controls layer-specific interneuron branching in the cerebellum.
Drosophila fruNP21 (DGRC#103496) Sexually dimorphic shaping of interneuron dendrites involves the hunchback transcription factor.
Silkworms Comprehensive morphological identification and GABA immunocytochemistry of antennal lobe local interneurons in Bombyx mori.
Zebrafish UAS:GFP A novel conserved evx1 enhancer links spinal interneuron morphology and cis-regulation from fish to mammals.