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Human and Animal Cells Soluble CXCL16 in preoperative serum is a novel prognostic marker and predicts recurrence of liver metastases in colorectal cancer patients.
Human and Animal Cells C57BL/6J-emb (RCB1312) Inhibitory effect of Cordyceps sinensis on experimental hepatic metastasis of melanoma by suppressing tumor cell invasion.
Human and Animal Cells Interleukin-1alpha enhances angiogenesis and is associated with liver metastatic potential in human gastric cancer cell lines.
Human and Animal Cells Hepatic ischemia-reperfusion increases vascular endothelial growth factor and cancer growth in rats.
Human and Animal Cells YAC-1 Superior protective and therapeutic effects of IL-12 and IL-18 gene-transduced dendritic neuroblastoma fusion cells on liver metastasis of murine neuroblastoma.
Human and Animal Cells The dominant negative H-ras mutant, N116Y, suppresses growth of metastatic human pancreatic cancer cells in the liver of nude mice.
Human and Animal Cells Intermittent hepatic ischemia-reperfusion minimizes liver metastasis in rats.
Human and Animal Cells Organ-specific adhesion of neuroblastoma cells in vitro: correlation with their hepatic metastasis potential.
Human and Animal Cells Antimetastatic effect of recombinant human macrophage-colony-stimulating factor against lung and liver metastatic B16 melanoma.
Human and Animal Cells Detection of carcinoembryonic antigen mRNA in the mesenteric vein of patients with resectable colorectal cancer.
Human and Animal Cells Effects of fatty acids on liver metastasis of ACL-15 rat colon cancer cells.
Human and Animal Cells CMAP: a novel cystatin-like gene involved in liver metastasis.