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Human and Animal Cells 293T(RCB2202) Sequence-specific retrotransposition of 28S rDNA-specific LINE R2Ol in human cells.
Human and Animal Cells HuH-7(RCB1366) , 293T(RCB2202) Viral protein R of human immunodeficiency virus type-1 induces retrotransposition of long interspersed element-1.
Human and Animal Cells Cancer detection by ubiquitin carboxyl-terminal esterase L1 methylation in pancreatobiliary fluids.
Human and Animal Cells DT40(RCB1464) A new system for analyzing LINE retrotransposition in the chicken DT40 cell line widely used for reverse genetics.
Human and Animal Cells DT40(RCB1464) , SHIP^(-) DT40(RCB1465) , IP3R^(-) DT40(RCB1467) Genetic evidence that the non-homologous end-joining repair pathway is involved in LINE retrotransposition.
Human and Animal Cells BRF41(RCB0804) Functional splice sites in a zebrafish LINE and their influence on zebrafish gene expression.
Silkworms ? Characterization of the sequence specificity of the R1Bm endonuclease domain by structural and biochemical studies.
Silkworms ? Crystal structure of the endonuclease domain encoded by the telomere-specific long interspersed nuclear element, TRAS1.
Silkworms ? Functional roles of 3'-terminal structures of template RNA during in vivo retrotransposition of non-LTR retrotransposon, R1Bm.