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Zebrafish Tg(huC:GVP) , Tg(chx10:Gal4) Axially-confined in vivo single-cell labeling by primed conversion using blue and red lasers with conventional confocal microscopes.
Zebrafish Tg(CM-isl1:GFP) Triggering Cell Stress and Death Using Conventional UV Laser Confocal Microscopy.
DNA material mKeima (h)/pCS2 (RDB15236) , dKeima (h)/pCS2 (RDB15237) , mt-mKeima (h)/pIND(SP1) (RDB15238) , mt-mKeima/pcDNA3 (RDB15456). A sensitive and quantitative technique for detecting autophagic events based on lysosomal delivery.
DNA material pBS coupler 1 (RDB15126) , pBS coupler 2 (RDB15127) , pBS coupler 3 (RDB15128) , pBS coupler 4 (RDB15129) , pBS coupler 5 (RDB15130) , pBS coupler 6 (RDB15131). Engineering FRET constructs using CFP and YFP.
Human and Animal Cells Video-rate confocal microscopy for single-molecule imaging in live cells and superresolution fluorescence imaging.
Human and Animal Cells The subnuclear three-dimensional image analysis of androgen receptor fused to green fluorescence protein.
DNA material pBS rcjun-1 (RDB01130) Simultaneous triple fluorescence detection of mRNA localization, nuclear DNA, and apoptosis in cultured cells using confocal scanning laser microscopy.
Drosophila NP1029-Gal4 (DGRC#112459) Dual optical coherence tomography/fluorescence microscopy for monitoring of Drosophila melanogaster larval heart.