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C.elegans tm1779 Affinity purification of cell-specific mitochondria from whole animals resolves patterns of genetic mosaicism.
Drosophila DGRC#140001 piggyBac-based mosaic screen identifies a postmitotic function for cohesin in regulating developmental axon pruning.
Drosophila Genetic mosaic screens in Drosophila mushroom bodies.
Drosophila UAS-E-cadherin-GFP on the third chromosome A novel Cre/loxP system for mosaic gene expression in the Drosophila embryo.
DNA material , Mice Genomic DNA of Mouse Mol-Mae/Stm RBRC00431 (RDB06986) , STM1 RBRC00265 (RDB06981) , STM2 RBRC00266 (RDB06982) , MOM RBRC01837 (RDB06996). , RBRC00265 , RBRC00266 , RBRC00431 , RBRC01837 The ancestor of extant Japanese fancy mice contributed to the mosaic genomes of classical inbred strains.
Silkworms Interspecies linkage analysis of mo, a Bombyx mori locus associated with mosaicism and gynandromorphism.
Medaka HNI-I (IB177) Ploidy mosaicism in well-developed nuclear transplants produced by transfer of adult somatic cell nuclei to nonenucleated eggs of medaka (Oryzias latipes).
Zebrafish rw0 Modern mosaic analysis in the zebrafish.