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Human and Animal Cells HuH-7 Dreh, a long noncoding RNA repressed by metformin, regulates glucose transport in C2C12 skeletal muscle cells.
Human and Animal Cells C2C12(RCB0987) Growth hormone and Insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) modulate the expression of L-type amino acid transporters in the muscles of spontaneous dwarf rats and L6 and C2C12 myocytes.
Human and Animal Cells C2C12(RCB0987) Muscle-dominant wild-type TDP-43 expression induces myopathological changes featuring tubular aggregates and TDP-43-positive inclusions.
Human and Animal Cells C2C12(RCB0987) Corticosterone biosynthesis in mouse clonal myoblastic C2C12 cells.
Human and Animal Cells C2C12(RCB0987) Buffering roles of (pro)renin receptor in starvation-induced autophagy of skeletal muscles.
Human and Animal Cells C2C12(RCB0987) Daidzein down-regulates ubiquitin-specific protease 19 expression through estrogen receptor β and increases skeletal muscle mass in young female mice.
Zebrafish cacnb1 Transport of the alpha subunit of the voltage gated L-type calcium channel through the sarcoplasmic reticulum occurs prior to localization to triads and requires the beta subunit but not Stac3 in skeletal muscles.
Drosophila A Common Suite of Coagulation Proteins Function in Drosophila Muscle Attachment.
Rats Rat Phenome Database の情報 Effect of plasma free fatty acid supply on the rate of ceramide synthesis in different muscle types in the rat.
Drosophila 8680R-3 , 9172R-2 , 6463R-1 , 9350R-2 , 9762R-3 , 13240R-2 , 3283R-1 , 3192R-3 Regulation of Mitochondrial Complex I Biogenesis in Drosophila Flight Muscles.
Human and Animal Cells Cytoprotective Role of Nrf2 in Electrical Pulse Stimulated C2C12 Myotube.
Human and Animal Cells Implication of anti-inflammatory macrophages in regenerative moto-neuritogenesis: promotion of myoblast migration and neural chemorepellent semaphorin 3A expression in injured muscle.
Human and Animal Cells Role of prolactin-like protein (PRL-L) in cold-induced increase of muscle mass in chicks.
Human and Animal Cells The localization of VAMP5 in skeletal and cardiac muscle.
Human and Animal Cells Chondroitin sulfate is a crucial determinant for skeletal muscle development/regeneration and improvement of muscular dystrophies.
Human and Animal Cells Endoplasmic reticulum stress increases myofiber formation in vitro.
Human and Animal Cells Myogenic differentiation induces taurine transporter in association with taurine-mediated cytoprotection in skeletal muscles.
Human and Animal Cells Expression profiles of BMP-related molecules induced by BMP-2 or -4 in muscle-derived primary culture cells.
Human and Animal Cells Radiation retards muscle differentiation but does not affect osteoblastic differentiation induced by bone morphogenetic protein-2 in C2C12 myoblasts.
Human and Animal Cells Involvement of Ras and Ral in chemotactic migration of skeletal myoblasts.