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Yeast Alp7-Mto1 and Alp14 synergize to promote interphase microtubule regrowth from the nuclear envelope.
Yeast FY21204 Casein kinase 2 regulates telomere protein complex formation through Rap1 phosphorylation.
Yeast Lem2 and Lnp1 maintain the membrane boundary between the nuclear envelope and endoplasmic reticulum.
Yeast sad1.1 Nuclear membrane protein Lem2 regulates nuclear size through membrane flow.
Yeast FY11221 Distinct 'safe zones' at the nuclear envelope ensure robust replication of heterochromatic chromosome regions.
DNA material Dronpa/pRSETB (RDB15256) , 22G/pRSETB (RDB15255) , CoralHue™ humanized Dronpa-Green 1 (phDG1-MNL) (RDB18266) , CoralHue™ Dronpa-Green 1 (pDG1-S1) (RDB18267) , CoralHue™ Dronpa-Green 1 (pDG1-MC1) (RDB18268) , CoralHue™ Dronpa-Green 1 (pDG1-MN1) (RDB18269) , CoralHue™ humanized Dronpa-Green 1 (phDG1-MCL) (RDB18270) , CoralHue™ Dronpa-Green 3 (pDG3-S1) (RDB18297) Regulated fast nucleocytoplasmic shuttling observed by reversible protein highlighting.
DNA material pDUAL (RDB06178) LEM2 recruits CHMP7 for ESCRT-mediated nuclear envelope closure in fission yeast and human cells.
C.elegans tm2320 , tm4369 Spatial control of phospholipid flux restricts endoplasmic reticulum sheet formation to allow nuclear envelope breakdown.
Human and Animal Cells HeLa(RCB0007) BAF is required for emerin assembly into the reforming nuclear envelope.
Human and Animal Cells N-ethylmaleimide-sensitive factor is associated with the nuclear envelope.
Yeast FY15675 Mechanical and molecular basis for the symmetrical division of the fission yeast nuclear envelope.
Yeast FY18394 , FY18537 A role for nuclear envelope-bridging complexes in homology-directed repair.
Yeast BY20249(PJ69-4A) Csi1 links centromeres to the nuclear envelope for centromere clustering.
Yeast FY18345(JK317) , FY7030(JK2325) , FY7796(JK2327) , FY13064(JK2326) , FY12806(JP1550) , FY18377(HT340) Telomere-nuclear envelope dissociation promoted by Rap1 phosphorylation ensures faithful chromosome segregation.
C.elegans tm3421 UNC-83 coordinates kinesin-1 and dynein activities at the nuclear envelope during nuclear migration.
C.elegans tm2320 A role for gp210 in mitotic nuclear-envelope breakdown.
C.elegans tm2886 Early embryonic requirement for nucleoporin Nup35/NPP-19 in nuclear assembly.
C.elegans tm1458 The nuclear envelope protein Matefin/SUN-1 is required for homologous pairing in C. elegans meiosis.
C.elegans tm1845 What can Caenorhabditis elegans tell us about the nuclear envelope?
Rats Gangliosides of the nuclear membrane: a crucial locus of cytoprotective modulation.