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Species Resource Title
Morning Glory Gene duplication and mobile genetic elements in the morning glories.
C.elegans normal? Gene coevolution and regulation lock cyclic plant defence peptides to their targets.
Tomato CATchUP: A Web Database for Spatiotemporally Regulated Genes.
DNA material plim15 (RDB01620) Characterization of cDNAs induced in meiotic prophase in lily microsporocytes.
Tomato Plant Genome DataBase Japan (PGDBj).
Algae NIES-691 The internal transcribed spacer 2 exhibits a common secondary structure in green algae and flowering plants.
Rice Oryzabase Analyses of phylogeny, evolution, conserved sequences and genome-wide expression of the ICK/KRP family of plant CDK inhibitors.
Rice Oryzabase Editorial: Plant and Cell Physiology's 2016 Online Database Issue.
Arabidopsis / Cultured plant cells, genes pda09652 , pda19723 , pdz88595 Revisiting the evolutionary history and roles of protein phosphatases with Kelch-like domains in plants.
Algae NIES-3377 Tetrapyrrole signal as a cell-cycle coordinator from organelle to nuclear DNA replication in plant cells.
Tomato Interfamily transfer of dual NB-LRR genes confers resistance to multiple pathogens.
INFORMATION Oryzabase The plant ontology as a tool for comparative plant anatomy and genomic analyses.
Algae NIES-2672 Green evolution and dynamic adaptations revealed by genomes of the marine picoeukaryotes Micromonas.
Algae NIES-547 Phylogenetic positions of Glaucophyta, green plants (Archaeplastida) and Haptophyta (Chromalveolata) as deduced from slowly evolving nuclear genes.
Algae NIES-476 EST analysis of the scaly green flagellate Mesostigma viride (Streptophyta): implications for the evolution of green plants (Viridiplantae).
Algae NIES-67 , NIES-68 Molecular cloning of a novel sex pheromone responsible for the release of a different sex pheromone in Closterium peracerosum-strigosum-littorale complex.
Algae NIES-296 The complete mitochondrial DNA sequence of Mesostigma viride identifies this green alga as the earliest green plant divergence and predicts a highly compact mitochondrial genome in the ancestor of all green plants.
INFORMATION Oryzabase Ontologies as integrative tools for plant science.
INFORMATION Oryzabase Computable visually observed phenotype ontological framework for plants.
INFORMATION Oryzabase Gramene database in 2010: updates and extensions.