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Human and Animal Cells RAW 264(RCB0535) Immune cell type, cell activation, and single cell heterogeneity revealed by label-free optical methods.
DNA material pN1-QUE2m (RDB17767) , pN1-QUEEN7mu (RDB17766) , pN1-QUEEN7mu R122K R126K (RDB17755) , pN1-QNA (RDB17768) , pN1-COX-Q2m (RDB17779) , pN1-COX-Q7mu (RDB17777) , pN1-COX-QNA (RDB17778) , pN1-ITPKA-Q2m (RDB17781) , pN1-ITPKA-Q7mu (RDB17783) , pN1-ITPKA-QNA (RDB17782) , ... Diversity in ATP concentrations in a single bacterial cell population revealed by quantitative single-cell imaging.
Human and Animal Cells Hepa 1-6(RCB1638) Insulin sensor cells for the analysis of insulin secretion responses in single living pancreatic β cells.
Drosophila Classifying Drosophila Olfactory Projection Neuron Subtypes by Single-Cell RNA Sequencing.
Algae Single-Cell Analysis of Morphological and Metabolic Heterogeneity in Euglena gracilis by Fluorescence-Imaging Flow Cytometry.
Human and Animal Cells MDCK(RCB0995) A Novel Morphological Marker for the Analysis of Molecular Activities at the Single-cell Level.
Human and Animal Cells Ba/F3(RCB0805) Noninvasive monitoring of single-cell mechanics by acoustic scattering.
Human and Animal Cells Ba/F3(RCB0805) Microfluidic active loading of single cells enables analysis of complex clinical specimens.
Yeast BYP7151(pSP-G2) Reliable imaging of ATP in living budding and fission yeast.
DNA material pdsGFP (RDB15992) , pdsCFP (RDB15993) , pdsVenus (RDB15994) Time-lapse imaging of microRNA activity reveals the kinetics of microRNA activation in single living cells.
Human and Animal Cells NMuMG/Fucci2(RCB2868) Blue intensity matters for cell cycle profiling in fluorescence DAPI-stained images.
DNA material , Human and Animal Cells pcDNA5-GAPDH-HaloTag (RDB15088) , HeLa Establishment of a novel fluorescence-based method to evaluate chaperone-mediated autophagy in a single neuron.
Algae NIES-48 High-throughput, label-free, single-cell, microalgal lipid screening by machine-learning-equipped optofluidic time-stretch quantitative phase microscopy.
Human and Animal Cells Label-free observation of three-dimensional morphology change of a single PC12 cell by digital holographic microscopy.
Human and Animal Cells CycleTrak: a novel system for the semi-automated analysis of cell cycle dynamics.
Human and Animal Cells Colon-26(RCB2657) Spectral fingerprinting of individual cells visualized by cavity-reflection-enhanced light-absorption microscopy.
DNA material Genome Network Project Gateway Entry Clone , W01A062B19 (HGE024843) , W01A003N09 (HGE001521) , W01A126A07 (HGE050407) , W01A125A03 (HGE050003) , W01A004O18 (HGE001954) , W01A006J20 (HGE002636) , W01A044B11 (HGE017635) , W01A003I20 (HGE001412) , W01A002L03 (HGE001067) Establishment of single-cell screening system for the rapid identification of transcriptional modulators involved in direct cell reprogramming.
Human and Animal Cells PC-12 (RCB0009) Morphological evaluation of cell differentiation after the isolation of single cells by a femtosecond laser-induced impulsive force.
Human and Animal Cells U-937 DE-4 (RCB0435) Electroactive microwell arrays for highly efficient single-cell trapping and analysis.