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Mice RBRC03731 , RBRC03733 Liver-specific deletion of de novo DNA methyltransferases protects against glucose intolerance in high-fat diet-fed male mice.
Mice RBRC03654 Early 17β-estradiol treatment reduces seizures but not abnormal behaviour in mice with expanded polyalanine tracts in the Aristaless related homeobox gene (ARX).
Mice RBRC02706 , RBRC02707 The concerted change in the distribution of cell cycle phases and zone composition in germinal centers is regulated by IL-21.
Mice RBRC02705 The Amount of BCL6 in B Cells Shortly after Antigen Engagement Determines Their Representation in Subsequent Germinal Centers.
Mice RBRC06137 β-Catenin is essential for differentiation of primary myoblasts via cooperation with MyoD and α-catenin.
Mice RBRC06137 Barx2 and Pax7 Regulate Axin2 Expression in Myoblasts by Interaction with β-Catenin and Chromatin Remodelling.
Mice RBRC00806 Differential use of autophagy by primary dendritic cells specialized in cross-presentation.
Mice RBRC02227 Compound heterozygous mutations in RIPPLY2 associated with vertebral segmentation defects.
Mice RBRC02705 , RBRC02709 T cell signaling. Antigen affinity, costimulation, and cytokine inputs sum linearly to amplify T cell expansion.
Mice RBRC00916 , RBRC01420 IRF7-dependent type I interferon production induces lethal immune-mediated disease in STAT1 knockout mice infected with lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus.
Mice RBRC02705 , RBRC02709 Stretched cell cycle model for proliferating lymphocytes.
Mice RBRC02142 PD-1 dependent exhaustion of CD8+ T cells drives chronic malaria.
Mice RBRC03653 , RBRC03654 Reduced polyalanine-expanded Arx mutant protein in developing mouse subpallium alters Lmo1 transcriptional regulation.
Mice RBRC01105 The guidance molecule Semaphorin3A is differentially involved in the arealization of the mouse and primate neocortex.
Mice RBRC01420 Interferon regulatory factor 7 (IRF7) is required for the optimal initial control but not subsequent clearance of lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus infection in mice.
Mice RBRC00916 Mice deficient in STAT1 but not STAT2 or IRF9 develop a lethal CD4+ T-cell-mediated disease following infection with lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus.
Mice RBRC00916 The type I interferon-alpha mediates a more severe neurological disease in the absence of the canonical signaling molecule interferon regulatory factor 9.