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Mice RBRC10972 HSP47 levels determine the degree of body adiposity.
Mice RBRC03556 Inherited myogenic abilities in muscle precursor cells defined by the mitochondrial complex I-encoding protein.
Mice RBRC03934 Establishment of Pancreatic Beta Cell-specific Gene Knockout System Based on CRISPR-Cas9 Technology with AAV8-mediated gRNA Delivery.
Mice RBRC02370 Progranulin deficiency exacerbates cardiac remodeling after myocardial infarction.
Mice RBRC10390 Roles of endothelial prostaglandin I2 in maintaining synchronous spontaneous Ca2+ transients in rectal capillary pericytes.
Mice RBRC04415 Stomach encyclopedia: Combined single-cell and spatial transcriptomics reveal cell diversity and homeostatic regulation of human stomach.
Mice RBRC06344 In Vivo Near-Infrared Fluorescence Imaging Selective for Soluble Amyloid β Aggregates Using y-Shaped BODIPY Derivative.
Human and Animal Cells , Mice E14tg2a(AES0135) , RBRC06037 Single-molecule tracking of Nanog and Oct4 in living mouse embryonic stem cells uncovers a feedback mechanism of pluripotency maintenance.
Mice RBRC09921 Autocrine TGF-β-positive feedback in profibrotic AT2-lineage cells plays a crucial role in non-inflammatory lung fibrogenesis.
Mice RBRC05454 Optical manipulation of local cerebral blood flow in the deep brain of freely moving mice.
Mice , Human and Animal Cells RBRC00144 , B16 melanoma(RCB1283) , NALM-6(RCB1933) , K562(RCB0027) SOCS3 deletion in effector T cells confers an anti-tumorigenic role of IL-6 to the pro-tumorigenic cytokine.
Mice RBRC01834 MBTD1 preserves adult hematopoietic stem cell pool size and function.
Mice RBRC00886 Culture-space control is effective in promoting haploid cell formation and spermiogenesis in vitro in neonatal mice.
Mice RBRC00144 Impaired Repopulating Ability of Uhrf2−/− Hematopoietic Progenitor Cells in Mice
Mice RBRC01361 IMPDH inhibition activates TLR-VCAM1 pathway and suppresses the development of MLL-fusion leukemia.
Mice RBRC02330 Cationic-nanogel nasal vaccine containing the ectodomain of RSV-small hydrophobic protein induces protective immunity in rodents.
Mice RBRC01346 Combination therapy with hydrogen peroxide and irradiation promotes an abscopal effect in mouse models.
Mice RBRC02975 Liver lipophagy ameliorates nonalcoholic steatohepatitis through extracellular lipid secretion.
Mice RBRC00743 Expression analysis of box C/D snoRNAs with SNPs between C57BL/6 and MSM/Ms strains in male mouse.
Mice RBRC04495 The astrocytic TRPA1 channel mediates an intrinsic protective response to vascular cognitive impairment via LIF production.