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Mice RBRC06410 IκBζ is an essential mediator of immunity to oropharyngeal candidiasis.
Mice RBRC01926 Adaptor protein AP-3 produces synaptic vesicles that release at high frequency by recruiting phospholipid flippase ATP8A1.
Mice RBRC02330 Cationic-nanogel nasal vaccine containing the ectodomain of RSV-small hydrophobic protein induces protective immunity in rodents.
Mice RBRC10149 Overexpression of Nfe2l1 increases proteasome activity and delays vision loss in a preclinical model of human blindness.
Mice RBRC09240 IL-6 selectively suppresses cDC1 specification via C/EBPβ.
Mice RBRC06343 Chronic nSMase inhibition suppresses neuronal exosome spreading and sex-specifically attenuates amyloid pathology in APP knock-in Alzheimer's disease mice.
Mice RBRC05582 Aiolos represses CD4+ T cell cytotoxic programming via reciprocal regulation of TFH transcription factors and IL-2 sensitivity.
Mice RBRC02759 Intestinal epithelial autophagy is required for the regenerative benefit of calorie restriction.
Mice RBRC04364 Water channel Aquaporin 4 is required for T cell receptor mediated lymphocyte activation
Mice RBRC09616 Depletion of CD206+ M2-like macrophages induces fibro-adipogenic progenitors activation and muscle regeneration.
Mice RBRC06294 Adipocyte lipolysis drives acute stress-induced insulin resistance.
Mice RBRC06344 Hippocampal neural circuit connectivity alterations in an Alzheimer's disease mouse model revealed by monosynaptic rabies virus tracing.
Mice RBRC01828 NUP62 localizes to ALS/FTLD pathological assemblies and contributes to TDP-43 insolubility.
Mice RBRC06344 14-3-3θ Does Not Protect against Behavioral or Pathological Deficits in Alzheimer's Disease Mouse Models.
Mice RBRC10791 Hematopoietic stem cell regeneration through paracrine regulation of the Wnt5a/Prox1 signaling axis.
Mice RBRC03163 Recruitment of monocytes primed to express heme oxygenase-1 ameliorates pathological lung inflammation in cystic fibrosis.
Mice RBRC00858 Identification and Characterization of Small-Molecule IRF3-Dependent Immune Activators for Pharmaceutical Development.
Mice RBRC03327 , RBRC03328 , RBRC03329 , RBRC03337 TTLL1 and TTLL4 polyglutamylases are required for the neurodegenerative phenotypes in pcd mice.
Mice RBRC04895 Tim-4+ cavity-resident macrophages impair anti-tumor CD8+ T cell immunity.
Mice RBRC03674 Gq neuromodulation of BLA parvalbumin interneurons induces burst firing and mediates fear-associated network and behavioral state transition in mice.