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Mice B6;129P2-Tnfaip3(RBRC05494) TNFAIP3 Deficiency Affects Monocytes, Monocytes-Derived Cells and Microglia in Mice.
Mice GFP-LC3#53(RBRC00806) Trehalose-Induced Activation of Autophagy Improves Cardiac Remodeling After Myocardial Infarction.
Mice GFP-LC3#53(RBRC00806) Reactivation of autophagy by spermidine ameliorates the myopathic defects of collagen VI-null mice.
Mice B6.B6D2-Tg(Th-EGFP)21-31Koba(RBRC02095) Differential contribution of Ih to the integration of excitatory synaptic inputs in substantia nigra pars compacta and ventral tegmental area dopaminergic neurons.
Mice GFP-LC3#53(RBRC00806) Physical exercise stimulates autophagy in normal skeletal muscles but is detrimental for collagen VI-deficient muscles.
Mice GFP-LC3#53(RBRC00806) Plasma cells require autophagy for sustainable immunoglobulin production.
Mice STOCK Tg(Nanog-GFP , Puro)1Yam(RBRC02290) Role of Lefty in the anti tumor activity of human adult liver stem cells.
Mice Taking stock of our models: the function and future of stock centres.
Mice CAG-CAT-Notch1 Distinct roles for cell-autonomous Notch signaling in cardiomyocytes of the embryonic and adult heart.
Mice Ambra1 regulates autophagy and development of the nervous system.