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Mice RBRC02975 Autophagy controls the induction and developmental decline of NMDAR-LTD through endocytic recycling.
Mice RBRC00209 , RBRC03730 Identification of distinct loci for de novo DNA methylation by DNMT3A and DNMT3B during mammalian development.
Mice B6.Cg-Tg(FucciS/G2/M)#504Bsi(RBRC02706) Lamin B2 Levels Regulate Polyploidization of Cardiomyocyte Nuclei and Myocardial Regeneration.
Mice Emx1-Cre Tg1(RBRC01342) , Emx1-Cre Tg2(RBRC01343) Foxp1 Regulates Neural Stem Cell Self-Renewal and Bias Toward Deep Layer Cortical Fates.
Mice B6;129P2-Keap1/MymRbrc(RBRC01388) Moderate Nrf2 Activation by Genetic Disruption of Keap1 Has Sex-Specific Effects on Bone Mass in Mice.
Mice NOD.129P2(B6)-Fcer1g(RBRC02327) Elimination of activating Fcγ receptors in spontaneous autoimmune peripheral polyneuropathy model protects from neuropathic disease.
Mice C57BL/6-App(RBRC06344) Temporal progression of Alzheimer's disease in brains and intestines of transgenic mice.
Mice C57BL/6N-Rufy3/B08(RBRC05780) Neuronally Enriched RUFY3 Is Required for Caspase-Mediated Axon Degeneration.
Mice FVB.Cg-Ptgds/GvnRbrc(RBRC01868) Thermoregulation via Temperature-Dependent PGD2 Production in Mouse Preoptic Area.
Mice aquaporin 4(GFP) (Acc.No. CDB0758K)(RBRC04364) Aquaporin 4 inhibition alters chemokine receptor expression and T cell trafficking.
Mice B6.Cg-Atg7(RBRC02759) Posttranscriptional regulation of colonic epithelial repair by RNA binding protein IMP1/IGF2BP1.
Mice GFP-LC3#53(RBRC00806) Methods for Imaging Autophagosome Dynamics in Primary Neurons.
Mice B6.129S-Atg5(RBRC02975) Differential and convergent utilization of autophagy components by positive-strand RNA viruses.
Mice B6.Cg-Stab2(RBRC02796) Mouse genome-wide association studies and systems genetics uncover the genetic architecture associated with hepatic pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties of a constrained ethyl antisense oligonucleotide targeting Malat1.
Mice GFP-LC3#53(RBRC00806) Autophagy and unfolded protein response (UPR) regulate mammary gland involution by restraining apoptosis-driven irreversible changes.
Mice 129S6.129S(Cg)-Grm6(RBRC05552) Transsynaptic Binding of Orphan Receptor GPR179 to Dystroglycan-Pikachurin Complex Is Essential for the Synaptic Organization of Photoreceptors.
Mice B6.Cg-Tg(FucciS/G2/M)#504Bsi Tg(FucciG1)#596Bsi(RBRC02892) CXCR4-expressing Mist1+ progenitors in the gastric antrum contribute to gastric cancer development.
Mice C57BL/6-Tg(CAG-flpe)36Ito/ItoRbrc(RBRC01834) KLRG1+ Effector CD8+ T Cells Lose KLRG1, Differentiate into All Memory T Cell Lineages, and Convey Enhanced Protective Immunity.
Mice GFP-LC3#53(RBRC00806) Microtubule-Associated Protein 1 Light Chain 3 (LC3) Isoforms in RPE and Retina.
Mice B6.129P2-Nfe2l2<tm1Mym>/MymRbrc(RBRC01390) Nrf2 mediates the expression of BAG3 and autophagy cargo adaptor proteins and tau clearance in an age-dependent manner.