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Barley , Wheat EST Clones , H602 , Akashinriki , Haruna Nijo , LPGKU2085~2104 Chromosomal assignment and deletion mapping of barley EST markers.
Barley EST Clones An atlas of gene expression from seed to seed through barley development.
Barley EST Clones , Wheat(KT001-001 , KT003-005) Linkage Map Construction and QTL Dtection Based on Barley ESTs in A genome Diploid Wheat.
Barley EST Clones , BAC Clones Construction and characterization of a bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC) library for Japanese malting barley 'Haruna Nijo'.
Barley EST Clones Mapping of the eibi1 gene responsible for the drought hypersensitive cuticle in wild barley (Hordeum spontaneum) .
Barley EST Clones , Haruna Nijo , Akashinriki , H602 Extended application of barley EST markers for the analysis of alien chromosmes added to wheat genetic background.
Barley EST Clones QTL analysis of Fusarium head blight resistance using a high-density linkage map in barley.
Barley EST Clones HvLsi1 is a silicon influx transporter in barley.
Barley EST Clones A high-density transcript linkage map of barley derived from a single population.
Barley EST Clones Fine mapping of short rachilla hair gene (srh) in barley and an association study using flanking molecular markers and world germplasms.