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Rice MER-ILs[T65] 110 Substitution mapping of a gene responsible for hybrid weakness in Oryza meridionalis Ng.
Rice CSSL Substitution mapping of a gene responsible for hybrid weakness in Oryza meridionalis Ng.
Rice induced mutation line Zipcode RNA-Binding Proteins and Membrane Trafficking Proteins Cooperate to Transport Glutelin mRNAs in Rice Endosperm.
Rice gluIL 109 Domain Unknown Function DUF1668-Containing Genes in Multiple Lineages Are Responsible for F1 Pollen Sterility in Rice.
Rice WK1962-IL16, 17 Exploring the loci responsible for awn development in rice through comparative analysis of all AA genome species
Rice Antagonistic regulation of the gibberellic acid response during stem growth in rice.
Rice W0003, W0614, W1134, W1252, W1256, W1271, W1274, W1276, W1278, W1291, W1525, W1962 Light-induced chloroplast movements in Oryza species.
Rice Induced mutation line (CM1322) DWARF WITH SLENDER LEAF1 Encoding a Histone Deacetylase Plays Diverse Roles in Rice Development.
Rice mRNA Localization in Plant Cells.
Rice Four resistance alleles derived from Oryza longistaminata (A. Chev. & Roehrich) against green rice leafhopper, Nephotettix cincticeps (Uhler) identified using novel introgression lines.
Rice Identification of Anther Length QTL and Construction of Chromosome Segment Substitution Lines of Oryza longistaminata.
Rice The Role of RNA-Binding Protein OsTudor-SN in Post-Transcriptional Regulation of Seed Storage Proteins and Endosperm Development.
Rice The rice storage protein mRNAs as a model system for RNA localization in higher plants.
Rice Effect of high temperature on starch biosynthetic enzymes and starch structure in japonica rice cultivar ‘Akitakomachi’ (Oryza sativa L.) endosperm and palatability of cooked rice.
Rice コメ貯蔵タンパク質グルテリンの細胞内輸送機構の解明
Rice Evolution and Diversity of the Wild Rice Oryza officinalis Complex, across Continents, Genome Types, and Ploidy Levels.
Rice 植物系NBRPリソース 植物系NBRP リソースとその活用研究最前線
Rice 野生イネ バイオリソースと育種学のこれからを考える:NBRP リソースの活用事例から
Rice CSSL Genome‐wide association study identifies QTLs conferring salt tolerance in rice
Rice Wild Rice (48 Accessions) , O. barthii : 8 Accessions , O. glumaepatula : 9 Accessions , O. longistaminata : 7 Accessions , O. meridionalis : 6 Accessions , O. rufipogon : 18 Accessions Introgression of the chromosomal region with the Pi-cd locus from Oryza meridionalis into O. sativa L. during rice domestication.