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Wheat LPGKU2305 De Novo Genome Assembly of the Japanese Wheat Cultivar Norin 61 Highlights Functional Variation in Flowering Time and Fusarium-Resistant Genes in East Asian Genotypes.
Wheat Chinese Spring and its aneuploid stocks The transcriptional landscape of polyploid wheat.
Wheat LPGKU2305 (LPGKU2305) Multiple wheat genomes reveal global variation in modern breeding.
Wheat Reproductive and genetic roles of the maternal progenitor in the origin of common wheat (Triticum aestivum L.).
Wheat Fielder Protocol for Genome Editing to Produce Multiple Mutants in Wheat.
Wheat KU-4-6 , KU-4-7 , KU-5755 , KU-5756 , KU-5760 , KU-6142 , KU-6143 , KU-6144A , KU-6144B , KU-6145 , ... Relationship between spike morphology and habitat of four Aegilops species of section Sitopsis
Wheat 端部動原体染色体系統 , 欠失系統 Terminal regions of chromosome arms 6AL and 6BL carry QTL affecting seminal root angle in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)
Wheat 種子、パンコムギ、Strain ID: KT020-061 A transgenic approach to controlling wheat seed dormancy level by using Triticeae DOG1-like genes.
Wheat core collection Variations in radioactive cesium accumulation in wheat germplasm from fields affected by the 2011 Fukushima nuclear power plant accident.
Wheat KT729 - KT749 , KT708 - KT728 Genotypic effects on sugar and by-products of liquid hydrolysates and on saccharification of acid-insoluble residues from wheat straw.
Wheat cv. Fielder Genome-Edited Triple-Recessive Mutation Alters Seed Dormancy in Wheat.
Wheat Chinese Spring Towards reducing the immunogenic potential of wheat flour: omega gliadins encoded by the D genome of hexaploid wheat may also harbor epitopes for the serious food allergy WDEIA.
Wheat Chinese Spring , Nullisomic-tetrasomics Screening and Identification of Omega-5 Gliadin Mutants in Wheat Doubled-Haploid Lines
Wheat Chinese Spring , Nulli-tetrasomics High-Throughput Profiling of Wheat Gliadin Proteins Using LabChip System in Chinese Spring and Its Aneuploid Lines
Wheat tplb0015e09 , tplb0013b07 Development of a complete set of wheat-barley group-7 Robertsonian translocation chromosomes conferring an increased content of β-glucan.
Wheat tplb0013b07 , tplb0007o14 , tplb0015e09 Chromosome Rearrangements Caused by Double Monosomy in Wheat-Barley Group-7 Substitution Lines.
Wheat AK333586 , AK332649 , AK335632 , AK333892 , tplb0048d21 , tplb0006e16 , tplb0013a02 , tplb0029f23 , tplb0009d14 , AK331548 , ... Major structural genomic alterations can be associated with hybrid speciation in Aegilops markgrafii (Triticeae).
Wheat set of 60 FLcDNAs The Agropyron cristatum karyotype, chromosome structure and cross-genome homoeology as revealed by fluorescence in situ hybridization with tandem repeats and wheat single-gene probes.
Wheat KU-122 , KU-491 , KU-494 , KU-495 , KU-496 , KU-3723 , KU-113 , KU-120 , KU-462 , KU-10503 The early flowering trait of an emmer wheat accession (Triticum turgidum L. ssp. dicoccum) is associated with the cis-element of the Vrn-A3 locus.
Wheat Aegilops neglecta (15 accessions) Allopatric distribution of tetraploid and hexaploid forms of Aegilops neglecta Req. ex Bertol.