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Chrysanthemum Gojo-0 , AEV02 , AKW12 , XMRS10 , NIFS-3 A chromosome-level genome sequence of Chrysanthemum seticuspe, a model species for hexaploid cultivated chrysanthemum.
Chrysanthemum Gojo-0 , AEV02 , AKW12 , XMRS10 , NIFS-3 A chromosome-level genome sequence of a model chrysanthemum: evolution and 1 reference for hexaploid cultivated chrysanthemum
Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum wakasaense , Chrysanthemum japonense Simultaneous TALEN-mediated knockout of chrysanthemum DMC1 genes confers male and female sterility.
Chrysanthemum NIFS-3 Delay of flowering by high temperature in chrysanthemum: heat-sensitive time-of-day and heat effects on CsFTL3 and CsAFT gene expression
Chrysanthemum NIFS-3 Delay of Flowering at High Temperature in Chrysanthemum: Duration of Darkness and Transitions in Lighting Determine Daily Peak Heat Sensitivity
Chrysanthemum NIFS-3 CsFTL3, a chrysanthemum FLOWERING LOCUS T-like gene, is a key regulator of photoperiodic flowering in chrysanthemums.
Chrysanthemum NIFS-3 Flowering retardation by high temperature in chrysanthemums: involvement of FLOWERING LOCUS T-like 3 gene repression.
Chrysanthemum NIFS-3 The gated induction system of a systemic floral inhibitor, antiflorigen, determines obligate short-day flowering in chrysanthemums.
Chrysanthemum NIFS-3 CsTFL1, a constitutive local repressor of flowering, modulates floral initiation by antagonising florigen complex activity in chrysanthemum.
Chrysanthemum NIFS-3 Photoperiod-insensitive floral transition in chrysanthemum induced by constitutive expression of chimeric repressor CsLHY-SRDX.
Chrysanthemum NIFS-3 Chrysanthemum requires short-day repeats for anthesis: Gradual CsFTL3 induction through a feedback loop under short-day conditions.
Chrysanthemum NIFS-3 Constitutive expression of CsGI alters critical night length for flowering by changing the photo-sensitive phase of anti-florigen induction in chrysanthemum.
Chrysanthemum AEV02 , AGH01 , ADU11 , LU09 , KB04 , AAA07 D cryo-plate法によるキク茎頂の超低温保存
Chrysanthemum AEV02, Gojo-0 NBRP広義キク属: キク属モデル系統の開発と植物多様性研究への展開
Chrysanthemum Gojo-0 , AKW10 , AKV11 , ALQ01 , AEV02 , AEV12 , AEV13 , AGJ02 , AHP01 , AIR01 , ... A pure line derived from a self-compatible Chrysanthemum seticuspe mutant as a model strain in the genus Chrysanthemum.
Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum seticuspe , AEH41 , AEH43 , AEH44 , AEH45 , AEJ19 , AEP175 , AEP176 , AEP179 , AES6 , ... Screening of Chrysanthemum seticuspe accessions reveals different degrees of resistance to chrysanthemum stunt viroid
Chrysanthemum XMRS10 De novo whole-genome assembly in Chrysanthemum seticuspe, a model species of Chrysanthemums, and its application to genetic and gene discovery analysis.
Chrysanthemum FA03 キク属野生種と栽培ギクの葉身における毛じの密度,長さならびに発達について
Chrysanthemum 広義キク属
Chrysanthemum 広義キク属