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Lotus / Glycine ミスズダイズ , 秣食豆公503 , TK780 , B01167 , RIL メタボロミクス技術によるダイズ代謝制御関連マーカーのQTLマッピング
Lotus / Glycine TK780 , B01167 , RI-089 大豆のルテイン分解関連遺伝子の特徴づけおよびカロテノイド代謝改変による大豆の高ルテイン化
Lotus / Glycine ダイズRIL , TK780 , B01167 Recessive Resistance Governed by a Major Quantitative Trait Locus Restricts Clover Yellow Vein Virus in Mechanically but Not Graft-Inoculated Cultivated Soybeans
Lotus / Glycine B01167 Comparative analysis of seed proteome of Glycine max and Glycine soja
Lotus / Glycine TK 780 , B01167 Marker-assisted analysis for soybean hard seededness with isozyme and simple sequence repeat loci.