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Yeast Chemical genetic analysis of FTY720- and Ca2+ -sensitive mutants reveals a functional connection between FTY720 and membrane trafficking.
Yeast FY24018(JY333) Identification of ksg1 mutation showing long-lived phenotype in fission yeast.
Yeast FY11064(MY3141) , FY10067(MY2167) Expression of the cancer-associated DNA polymerase ε P286R in fission yeast leads to translesion synthesis polymerase dependent hypermutation and defective DNA replication.
Yeast BY5445 Simple-to-use CRISPR-SpCas9/SaCas9/AsCas12a vector series for genome editing in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Yeast FY21104 Two plasmid modules for introducing the auxin-inducible degron into the fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe by PCR-based gene targeting.
Yeast BY29039 , BY25569 Direct Electrochemical Hydrogenation of Toluene Using a Microbial Electrolysis Cell Containing a Bicontinuous Microemulsion
Yeast FY21846 (mug14) Expression of Mug14 is regulated by the transcription factor Rst2 through the cAMP-dependent protein kinase pathway in Schizosaccharomyces pombe.
Yeast FY31941 Regulation of inorganic polyphosphate is required for proper vacuolar proteolysis in fission yeast.
Yeast FY23945 Response to sulfur in Schizosaccharomyces pombe.
Yeast FY12806 Yesprit and Yeaseq: Applications for designing primers and browsing sequences for research using the four Schizosaccharomyces species.
Yeast FY34176 , FY34175 The Putative RNA-Binding Protein Dri1 Promotes the Loading of Kinesin-14/Klp2 to the Mitotic Spindle and Is Sequestered into Heat-Induced Protein Aggregates in Fission Yeast.
Yeast Meikin synergizes with shugoshin to protect cohesin Rec8 during meiosis I.
Yeast FY16936 , FY32181 , FY33672 Elevated Sporulation Efficiency in Fission Yeast Schizosaccharomyces japonicus Strains Isolated from Drosophila.
Yeast Acute Heat Stress Leads to Reversible Aggregation of Nuclear Proteins into Nucleolar Rings in Fission Yeast.
Yeast Wild-type S. pombe ARC039 (h-ura4-C190T leu1-32) Golgi localization of glycosyltransferases requires Gpp74p in Schizosaccharomyces pombe.
Yeast FY7652 , FY7455 , FYP2892 , FYP3955 , FYP2874 , FYP2879 Atg43 tethers isolation membranes to mitochondria to promote starvation-induced mitophagy in fission yeast.
Yeast TOR targets an RNA processing network to regulate facultative heterochromatin, developmental gene expression and cell proliferation.
Yeast FY16786 , FY16787 Linear elements are stable structures along the chromosome axis in fission yeast meiosis.
Yeast Yeast strain containing ADH1-osTIR1-2-9myc @ ura3, from Nishimura et al, Nat Methods 2009 The capacity of origins to load MCM establishes replication timing patterns.
Yeast Heterochromatin suppresses gross chromosomal rearrangements at centromeres by repressing Tfs1/TFIIS-dependent transcription.