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Rats , Human and Animal Cells F344/Stm (strainID=266) , ATDC5(RCB0565) Is C-type natriuretic peptide regulated by a feedback loop? A study on systemic and local autoregulatory effect.
Rats F344/Stm (strainID=266) Increased seizure sensitivity, emotional defects and cognitive impairment in PHD finger protein 24 (Phf24)-null rats.
Rats F344/Stm(strainID=266) Rats deficient C-type natriuretic peptide suffer from impaired skeletal growth without early death.
Rats BDIX/NemOda (strainID=579) , BDIX.Cg-Tal/NemOda (strainID=607) , BUF/MNa (strainID=458) , HTX/Kyo (strainID=3) , HWY/Slc (strainID=374) , KFRS3B/Kyo (strainID=918) , RCS/Kyo(strainID=27) , BN/SsNSlc(strainID=371) , DOB/Oda(strainID=582) , IS/Kyo (strainID=5) , ... Application of target capture sequencing of exons and conserved non-coding sequences to 20 inbred rat strains.
Rats F344/Stm(strainID=266) In vitro maturation of immature rat oocytes under simple culture conditions and subsequent developmental ability.
Rats F344/Stm(strainID=266) Creating knockout and knockin rodents using engineered endonucleases via direct embryo injection.
Rats , Human and Animal Cells F344/Stm(strainID=266) , Rat-1(RCB1830) Simple knockout by electroporation of engineered endonucleases into intact rat embryos.
Rats F344/NSlc(strainID=379) , F344/DuCrlCrlj(strainID=537) , F344/Stm(strainID=266) , and F344/Jcl Slc:Wistar outbred rats show close genetic similarity with F344 inbred rats.
DNA material , Rats , Human and Animal Cells pT7-gRNA:Tyr^c DR274 (albino) (RDB13010) , pT7-gRNA:Tyr^c DR274 (wild) (RDB13011) , pT7-gRNA:Asip^a DR274 (RDB13012) , pT7-gRNA:kit^h -1 DR274 (RDB13013) , pT7-gRNA:kit^h -2-1 DR274 (RDB13014) , pT7-gRNA:kit^h -2-2 DR274 (RDB13015). , F344/Stm(strainID=266) , DA/Slc(strainID=380) , PVG/Seac(strainID=113) , Rat-1(RCB1830) Allele-specific genome editing and correction of disease-associated phenotypes in rats using the CRISPR-Cas platform.
Rats F344/Stm(strainID=266) , LE/Stm(strainID=265) Efficient collection and cryopreservation of embryos in F344 strain inbred rats.
Rats ACI/NHok(strainID=62) , ACI/NKyo(strainID=6) , ACI-Lystbg-Kyo/Kyo(strainID=7) , ACI/NMna(strainID=461) , ACI/NSlc(strainID=381) , ACIS/Hok(strainID=63) , AI/Msik(strainID=443) , ALB/Hok(strainID=64) , BB/WorTky(strainID=30) , BN/1Hok(strainID=66) , ... Functional polymorphisms in inbred rat strains and their allele frequencies in commercially available outbred stocks.
Rats ACI/NKyo(strainID=6) , ACI/NSlc(strainID=381) , ALB/Hok(strainID=64) , BB/WorTky(strainID=30) , BN/SsNSlc(strainID=371) , BUF/Mna(strainID=458) , DA/Slc(strainID=380) , DMY/Kyo(strainID=8) , DON/Kyo(strainID=1) , DRH/Seac(strainID=111) , ... An informative set of SSLP markers and genomic profiles in the rat MHC, the RT1 complex.
Rats LEXF1A/Stm(strainID=219) , LEXF1B? , LEXF1C/Stm(strainID=221) , LEXF2A/Stm(strainID=222) , LEXF2B/Stm(strainID=223) , LEXF2C/Stm(strainID=224) , LEXF3/Stm(strainID=225) , LEXF4/Stm(strainID=226) , LEXF5/Stm(strainID=227) , LEXF7A/Stm(strainID=230) , ... Quantitative trait loci determining weight reduction of testes and pituitary by diethylstilbesterol in LEXF and FXLE recombinant inbred strain rats.