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Rats IS/Kyo (strainID=5) The retinol-retinoic acid metabolic pathway is impaired in the lumbar spine of a rat model of congenital kyphoscoliosis.
Rats BDIX/NemOda (strainID=579) , BDIX.Cg-Tal/NemOda (strainID=607) , BUF/MNa (strainID=458) , HTX/Kyo (strainID=3) , HWY/Slc (strainID=374) , KFRS3B/Kyo (strainID=918) , RCS/Kyo(strainID=27) , BN/SsNSlc(strainID=371) , DOB/Oda(strainID=582) , IS/Kyo (strainID=5) , ... Application of target capture sequencing of exons and conserved non-coding sequences to 20 inbred rat strains.
Rats IS/Kyo(strainID=5) , IS-Tlk/Kyo(strainID=25) Morphological features of adult rats of IS/Kyo and IS-Tlk/Kyo strains with lumbar and caudal vertebral anomalies.
Rats IS/Kyo(strainID=5) , LEA/Hok(strainID=70) High-resolution linkage mapping of the rat hooded locus.
DNA material , Rats Rat BAC RNB1-043O06 , Rat BAC RNB2-482C01 , ACI/Nkyo(strainID=6) , WTC/Kyo(strainID=18) , BN/SsNSlc(strainID=371) , TM/Kyo(strainID=10) , GRY/Idr(strainID=498) , DA/Slc(strainID=380) , IS/Kyo(strainID=5) , F344/NSlc(strainID=379) Origins of albino and hooded rats: implications from molecular genetic analysis across modern laboratory rat strains.
Rats ACI/NHok(strainID=62) , ACI/NKyo(strainID=6) , ACI-Lystbg-Kyo/Kyo(strainID=7) , ACI/NMna(strainID=461) , ACI/NSlc(strainID=381) , ACIS/Hok(strainID=63) , AI/Msik(strainID=443) , ALB/Hok(strainID=64) , BB/WorTky(strainID=30) , BN/1Hok(strainID=66) , ... Functional polymorphisms in inbred rat strains and their allele frequencies in commercially available outbred stocks.
Rats IS/Kyo(strainID=5) Abnormalities of vertebral formation and Hox expression in congenital kyphoscoliotic rats.
Rats ACI/NKyo(strainID=6) , ACI/NSlc(strainID=381) , ALB/Hok(strainID=64) , BB/WorTky(strainID=30) , BN/SsNSlc(strainID=371) , BUF/Mna(strainID=458) , DA/Slc(strainID=380) , DMY/Kyo(strainID=8) , DON/Kyo(strainID=1) , DRH/Seac(strainID=111) , ... An informative set of SSLP markers and genomic profiles in the rat MHC, the RT1 complex.
Rats WTC/Kyo(strainID=18) , WKYO/Kyo(strainID=17) , DON/Kyo(strainID=1) , IS/Kyo(strainID=5) Copy number polymorphism in Fcgr3 predisposes to glomerulonephritis in rats and humans.
Rats TM/Kyo(strainID=10) , IS/Kyo(strainID=5) , W/Kyo(strainID=13) , ACI/NKyo(strainID=6) , WAG/RijKyo(strainID=14) , SHR/Kyo(strainID=9) The rat Ruby ( R) locus is Rab38: identical mutations in Fawn-hooded and Tester-Moriyama rats derived from an ancestral Long Evans rat sub-strain.