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Human and Animal Cells Porphyromonas gingivalis gingipains cause G(1) arrest in osteoblastic/stromal cells.
Human and Animal Cells Signaling pathways in osteoblast proinflammatory responses to infection by Porphyromonas gingivalis.
Human and Animal Cells Early gene expression analyzed by a genome microarray and real-time PCR in osteoblasts cultured with a 4-META/MMA-TBB adhesive resin sealer.
Human and Animal Cells NB1RGB (RCB0222) Effects of intracanal carbon dioxide laser irradiation on cultured human fibroblasts.
Human and Animal Cells MC3T3-E1 Differential expression of the Fas-Fas ligand system on cytokine-induced apoptotic cell death in mouse osteoblastic cells.
Human and Animal Cells ST2 Involvement of p38MAP kinase in bone morphogenetic protein-4-induced osteoprotegerin in mouse bone-marrow-derived stromal cells.
Human and Animal Cells GE1 (RCB1709) Establishment of human dental epithelial cell lines expressing ameloblastin and enamelin by transfection of hTERT and cdk4 cDNAs.
Human and Animal Cells RAW 264 (RCB0535) Expression levels of adiponectin receptors and periodontitis.
Human and Animal Cells THP-1 (RCB1189) Human gingival fibroblasts are critical in sustaining inflammation in periodontal disease.
Human and Animal Cells Actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans induces lethal effects on the macrophage-like human cell line U937.
Human and Animal Cells Mechanisms of root canal sealers cytotoxicity on osteoblastic cell line MC3T3-E1.
Human and Animal Cells Hypoxia-induced up-regulation of angiogenin, besides VEGF, is related to progression of oral cancer.
Human and Animal Cells Inhibitory effects of Jixueteng on P. gingivalis-induced bone loss and osteoclast differentiation.
Human and Animal Cells The effect of enamel matrix derivative on spreading, proliferation, and differentiation of osteoblasts cultured on zirconia.
Human and Animal Cells Osteoblast compatibility of materials depends on serum protein absorbability in osteogenesis.
Human and Animal Cells MC3T3-G2/PA6(RCB1127) Peptidoglycan of Actinomyces naeslundii induces inflammatory cytokine production and stimulates osteoclastogenesis in alveolar bone resorption.
Human and Animal Cells Porous zirconia/hydroxyapatite scaffolds for bone reconstruction.
Human and Animal Cells Change in surface properties of zirconia and initial attachment of osteoblastlike cells with hydrophilic treatment.
Human and Animal Cells Podoplanin promotes cell migration via the EGF-Src-Cas pathway in oral squamous cell carcinoma cell lines.
Human and Animal Cells Calcium ions released from mineral trioxide aggregate convert the differentiation pathway of C2C12 cells into osteoblast lineage.