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Human and Animal Cells HepG2 (RCB1648) Two-dimensional microarray of HepG2 spheroids using collagen/polyethylene glycol micropatterned chip.
Human and Animal Cells THP-1 (RCB1189) Microscopic observations and inflammatory cytokine productions of human macrophage phagocytising submicron titanium particles.
Human and Animal Cells L929 (RCB0081) Cell adhesion on phase-separated surface of block copolymer composed of poly(2-methacryloyloxyethyl phosphorylcholine) and poly(dimethylsiloxane).
Human and Animal Cells L929 (RCB0081) Surface tethering of phosphorylcholine groups onto poly(dimethylsiloxane) through swelling--deswelling methods with phospholipids moiety containing ABA-type block copolymers.
Human and Animal Cells ST2 (RCB0224) Immobilized rhBMP-2/succinylated type I atelocollagen gene expression of intracellular signaling molecules on ST2 cells.
Human and Animal Cells ST2 (RCB0224) Effects of immobilized recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein-2/succinylated type I atelocollagen on cellular activity of ST2 cells.
Human and Animal Cells HL-60(RCB3683) A novel biointerface that suppresses cell morphological changes by scavenging excess reactive oxygen species.
Human and Animal Cells RAW 264(RCB0535) Investigation of the cytotoxicity of aluminum oxide nanoparticles and nanowires and their localization in L929 fibroblasts and RAW264 macrophages.
Human and Animal Cells KUM5(RCB2322) Mechanical fatigue performance of PCL-chondroprogenitor constructs after cell culture under bioreactor mechanical stimulus.
Human and Animal Cells 10T1/2(RCB0247) Cell-selective encapsulation in hydrogel sheaths via biospecific identification and biochemical cross-linking.
Human and Animal Cells RCB2657 Development of an oral nanotherapeutics using redox nanoparticles for treatment of colitis-associated colon cancer.
Human and Animal Cells Efficient differentiation of stem cells encapsulated in a cytocompatible phospholipid polymer hydrogel with tunable physical properties.
Human and Animal Cells Mitochondrial delivery of antisense RNA by MITO-Porter results in mitochondrial RNA knockdown, and has a functional impact on mitochondria.
Human and Animal Cells MC3T3-E1(RCB1126) Mussel adhesive protein fused with cell adhesion recognition motif triggers integrin-mediated adhesion and signaling for enhanced cell spreading, proliferation, and survival.
Human and Animal Cells Mechanical trapping of the nucleus on micropillared surfaces inhibits the proliferation of vascular smooth muscle cells but not cervical cancer HeLa cells.
Human and Animal Cells Enhanced angiogenesis of growth factor-free porous biodegradable adhesive made with hexanoyl group-modified gelatin.
Human and Animal Cells T98G(RCB1954) Photodynamic therapy using talaporfin sodium induces concentration-dependent programmed necroptosis in human glioblastoma T98G cells.
Human and Animal Cells KUM5(RCB2322) Design and validation of a biomechanical bioreactor for cartilage tissue culture.
Human and Animal Cells Osteoblast response to dimethacrylate composites varying in composition, conversion and roughness using a combinatorial approach.
Human and Animal Cells Enhanced bone regeneration via multimodal actions of synthetic peptide SVVYGLR on osteoprogenitors and osteoclasts.