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DNA material , Human and Animal Cells Genomic DNA of Mouse KJR/Ms RBRC00655, male (RDB06988). , KP4 RCB1005 New small molecule inhibitors of UPR activation demonstrate that PERK, but not IRE1α signaling is essential for promoting adaptation and survival to hypoxia.
Human and Animal Cells HEV Radiosensitivity of peripheral blood lymphocytes obtained from patients with cancers of the breast, head and neck or cervix as determined with a micronucleus assay.
Human and Animal Cells HeLa- Fucci (RCB2812) Radiosensitivity of early and late M-phase HeLa cells isolated by a combination of fluorescent ubiquitination-based cell cycle indicator (Fucci) and mitotic shake-off.
Human and Animal Cells Effect of treatment schedule on the interaction of Cisplatin and radiation in human lung cancer cells.
Human and Animal Cells Growth retardation of Paramecium and mouse cells by shielding them from background radiation.
Human and Animal Cells Response of the Nrf2 protection system in human monocytic cells after ionising irradiation.
Human and Animal Cells Heat-inducible transgene expression with transcriptional amplification mediated by a transactivator.
Human and Animal Cells Effects of radiation on the maturation of megakaryocytes.
Human and Animal Cells Modeling the biological response of normal human cells, including repair processes, to fractionated carbon beam irradiation.
Human and Animal Cells Effects of shielding on the induction of 53BP1 foci and micronuclei after Fe ion exposures.
Human and Animal Cells Gap junction communication and the propagation of bystander effects induced by microbeam irradiation in human fibroblast cultures: the impact of radiation quality.
Human and Animal Cells Atherosclerotic imaging using 4 types of superparamagnetic iron oxides: new possibilities for mannan-coated particles.
Human and Animal Cells Cellular internalization of fibroblast growth factor-12 exerts radioprotective effects on intestinal radiation damage independently of FGFR signaling.
Human and Animal Cells Quantitative estimation of DNA damage by photon irradiation based on the microdosimetric-kinetic model.
Human and Animal Cells Relative biological effectiveness of the 235 MeV proton beams at the National Cancer Center Hospital East.
Human and Animal Cells Protein synthesis-dependent apoptotic signalling pathway in X-irradiated MOLT-4 human leukaemia cell line.
Human and Animal Cells Analysis of heat-shock related gene expression in head-and-neck cancer using cDNA arrays.
Human and Animal Cells Molecular dynamics simulation of a DNA containing a single strand break.
Human and Animal Cells Correlations between in vivo tumor weight, oxygen pressure, 31P NMR spectroscopy, hypoxic microenvironment marking by beta-D-iodinated azomycin galactopyranoside (beta-D-IAZGP), and radiation sensitivity.
Human and Animal Cells Dependence of induction of interphase death of Chinese hamster ovary cells exposed to accelerated heavy ions on linear energy transfer.