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DNA material pCAG-HIVgp (RDB04394) , pCMV-VSV-G-RSV-Rev (RDB04393) Progression of melanoma is suppressed by targeting all transforming growth factor‑β isoforms with an Fc chimeric receptor.
DNA material Genomic DNA of , Streptococcus oralis subsp. oralis JCM 12997 T (JGD07470) , Prevotella maculosa JCM 15638 T (JGD12444) , Streptococcus salivarius JCM 5707 T (JGD08330) , Streptococcus sobrinus JCM 5176 (JGD08352) , Staphylococcus epidermidis JCM 20345 (JGD07702) , Actinomyces israelii JCM 12964 T (JGD12771) , Lactobacillus crispatus JCM 1185 T (JGD12580) , Neisseria mucosa JCM 12992 T (JGD07426) Oral bacterial DNA-based discrimination of human and canine saliva for the analysis of indistinct bite marks.
DNA material pCAG-HIVgp (RDB04394) , pCMV-VSV-G-RSV-Rev (RDB04393) Rapid manipulation of mitochondrial morphology in a living cell with iCMM
DNA material pGEM-Teasy-CXCL12 (RDB19180) , pCAGGS-CXCR7FL-HA (RDB19181) , pCAGGS-CXCL12-mCherry (RDB19182) Chemokine receptor CXCR7 non-cell-autonomously controls pontine neuronal migration and nucleus formation.
DNA material Genome Network Project Human cDNA Clone W01A015A12 (HGE006012) Identification of Endogenous Kinase Substrates by Proximity Labeling Combined with Kinase Perturbation and Phosphorylation Motifs.
DNA material Genomic DNA of Mycobacterium intracellulare JCM 6384 T (JGD07450) Immunotactoid Glomerulopathy with Nontuberculous Mycobacterial Infection: A Novel Association.
DNA material CSIV-CMV-MCS-IRES2-Venus (RDB08257) Integrated diagnosis based on transcriptome analysis in suspected pediatric sarcomas.
DNA material CSII-CMV-MCS-IRES2-Bsd (RDB04385) Comprehensive profiling of novel epithelial-mesenchymal transition mediators and their clinical significance in colorectal cancer.
DNA material CSII-EF-MCS (RDB04378) Kindlin-3 disrupts an intersubunit association in the integrin LFA1 to trigger positive feedback activation by Rap1 and talin1.
DNA material Genomic DNA of Cutibacterium acnes subsp. acnes JCM 6425 T (JGD07462) A Solitary Necrotizing Sarcoid Granulomatosis-like Pulmonary Lesion Possibly Associated with Propionibacterium Acnes and Mycobacterium Avium.
DNA material B6N Mouse BAC clone (RDB07573) , B6Ng01-350C10 , B6Ng01-237E10 Suv4-20h2 protects against influenza virus infection by suppression of chromatin loop formation.
DNA material CSIV-TRE-RfA-CMV-KT (RDB12876) Establishment of human airway epithelial cells with doxycycline-inducible cell growth and fluorescence reporters.
DNA material CSIV-TRE-RfA-UbC-KT (RDB12878) RUNX inhibitor suppresses graft‐versus‐host disease through targeting RUNX‐NFATC2 axis
DNA material pHLUX20 (RDB18951) Cloning, nucleotide sequence, and regulatory analysis of the Nitrosomonas europaea dnaK gene.
DNA material pHLUX20 (RDB18951) A bioluminescence assay using Nitrosomonas europaea for rapid and sensitive detection of nitrification inhibitors.
DNA material Rab27a (RDB02847) The Rab27a/granuphilin complex regulates the exocytosis of insulin-containing dense-core granules.
DNA material pEF-FLAG-mouse myosin Vb-tail (RDB15286) Myosin Vb is required for trafficking of the cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator in Rab11a-specific apical recycling endosomes in polarized human airway epithelial cells.
DNA material pLGFP (RDB13447) , pHGFP (RDB13448) , pLGFPm (RDB13449) , pLGFPl (RDB13450) , pLGFP delta 2 (RDB13452) , pPAH (RDB13457) , pTRE-G1 (RDB13460) Inducible suppression of global translation by overuse of rare codons.
DNA material pCRISPR_b4galnt1 (RDB13763) CRISPR/Cas9-Mediated Genomic Deletion of the Beta-1, 4 N-acetylgalactosaminyltransferase 1 Gene in Murine P19 Embryonal Carcinoma Cells Results in Low Sensitivity to Botulinum Neurotoxin Type C.
DNA material pMXs-AMNN-puro (RDB18952) Sterol regulatory element-binding protein-1c orchestrates metabolic remodeling of white adipose tissue by caloric restriction.