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General Microbes JCM16713 Isolation and characterization of novel and efficient protease producing bacteria from drinking water resources
General Microbes JCM1057 Innovative Feasibility Study for the Reclamation of the Cascajo Wetlands in Peru Utilizing Sustainable Technologies
General Microbes JCM2070 The antifungal activity of essential oils from some plants in Vietnam against the pathogenic fungi Candida albicans and Aspergillus fumigatus
General Microbes JCM8162 , JCM8242 Diversity and phylogeny of basidiomycetous yeasts from plant leaves and soil: Proposal of two new orders, three new families, eight new genera and one hundred and seven new species
General Microbes JCM1132 Effect of soybean oligopeptide on the growth and metabolism of Lactobacillus acidophilus JCM 1132
General Microbes JCM2152 The Effects of Biofertilizers on Growth, Soil Fertility, and Nutrients Uptake of Oil Palm (Elaeis Guineensis) under Greenhouse Conditions
General Microbes JCM31898 Characterization of Methanosarcina mazei JL01 Isolated from Holocene Arctic Permafrost and Study of the Archaeon Cooperation with Bacterium Sphaerochaeta associata GLS2T
General Microbes JCM5965 Impact of long-term chemical fertilizer and organic amendment to Fusarium root rot of soybean
General Microbes JCM15040 Characteristics of histamine production on lactic acid bacteria isolated from marinade broth in shimesaba production
General Microbes JCM39056 , JCM18167 , JCM18168 , JCM18169 , JCM18170 , JCM18176 , JCM18178 , JCM39050 , JCM39051 , JCM39054 , ... Simplicillium spumae (Cordycipitaceae, Hypocreales), a new hyphomycetes from aquarium foam in Japan
General Microbes JCM34019 , JCM34020 , JCM34021 Metapochonia hahajimaensis (Clavicipitaceae, Hypocreales), a new species from soil in Hahajima Island, Tokyo, Japan
General Microbes JCM21306 Key Microbes and Metabolic Potentials Contributing to Cyanide Biodegradation in Stirred-Tank Bioreactors Treating Gold Mining Effluent
General Microbes JCM11053 Characterisations of Probiotic Lactobacillus Strains by Amplified Ribosomal DNA Restriction Analysis (ARDRA)
General Microbes JCM16473 Sanitizing efficacy and antimicrobial mechanism of peracetic acid against histamine-producing bacterium, Morganella psychrotolerans
General Microbes JCM33636 Draft genome sequence of Flavobacteriaceae strain EG-1 isolated from coastal seawater
General Microbes JCM18202 Complete genome sequence of Novosphingobium ginsenosidimutans FW-6T, a ginsenoside-converting bacterium, isolated from fresh water
General Microbes JCM9873 Synthetic liquid media for the study of trichothecene biosynthesis regulation in Fusarium graminearum
General Microbes JCM9873 , JCM9874 Re-classification of previously identified toxigenic Fusarium and Gibberella strains based on PCR detection using species-specific primers
General Microbes JCM2013 Contamination Level and Antimicrobial Susceptibilities of Arcobacter and Campylobacter Isolates from Chicken Meat in a Processing Plant in Yamaguchi
General Microbes JCM1416 , JCM1296 Ultraviolet C light with wavelength of 222 nm inactivates a wide spectrum of microbial pathogens