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General Microbes JCM13873 Pichia cecembensis sp. nov. isolated from a papaya fruit (Carica papaya L., Caricaceae).
General Microbes JCM8867 Nucleotide sequence analysis of cryptic plasmid pAM5 from Acidiphilium multivorum.
General Microbes JCM13911 Marichromatium bheemlicum sp. nov., a non-diazotrophic, photosynthetic gammaproteobacterium from a marine aquaculture pond.
General Microbes JCM2532 , JCM11543 Planococcus columbae sp. nov., isolated from pigeon faeces.
General Microbes JCM13531 Rhodovulum visakhapatnamense sp. nov.
General Microbes JCM1343 , JCM12075 Microbacterium indicum sp. nov., isolated from a deep-sea sediment sample from the Chagos Trench, Indian Ocean.
General Microbes JCM14030 Clostridium nitrophenolicum sp. nov., a novel anaerobic p-nitrophenol-degrading bacterium, isolated from a subsurface soil sample.
General Microbes JCM14544 Rhodobacter vinaykumarii sp. nov., a marine phototrophic alphaproteobacterium from tidal waters, and emended description of the genus Rhodobacter.
General Microbes JCM14151 Halochromatium roseum sp. nov., a non-motile phototrophic gammaproteobacterium with gas vesicles, and emended description of the genus Halochromatium.
General Microbes JCM11486 Vibrio rhizosphaerae sp. nov., a red-pigmented bacterium that antagonizes phytopathogenic bacteria.
General Microbes JCM13589 Rhodovulum imhoffii sp. nov.
General Microbes JCM12663 , JCM13820 Bacillus lehensis sp. nov., an alkalitolerant bacterium isolated from soil.
General Microbes JCM14190 , JCM14191 Roseospira visakhapatnamensis sp. nov. and Roseospira goensis sp. nov.
General Microbes JCM14149 , JCM14150 Two novel species of marine phototrophic Gammaproteobacteria: Thiorhodococcus bheemlicus sp. nov. and Thiorhodococcus kakinadensis sp. nov.
General Microbes JCM14338 Rhodobacter changlensis sp. nov., a psychrotolerant, phototrophic alphaproteobacterium from the Himalayas of India.
General Microbes JCM7644 Nitrogen-fixing and cellulose-producing Gluconacetobacter kombuchae sp. nov., isolated from Kombucha tea.
General Microbes JCM13028 Desulfonauticus autotrophicus sp. nov., a novel thermophilic sulfate-reducing bacterium isolated from oil-production water and emended description of the genus Desulfonauticus.
General Microbes JCM14246 Description of a novel indole-oxidizing bacterium Pseudomonas indoloxydans sp. nov., isolated from a pesticide-contaminated site.
General Microbes JCM9340 , JCM14779 Rhodobacter ovatus sp. nov., a phototrophic alphaproteobacterium isolated from a polluted pond.
General Microbes JCM14794 Rhodobacter maris sp. nov., a phototrophic alphaproteobacterium isolated from a marine habitat of India.