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General Microbes JCM 16184 Characterization of a purified thermostable xylanase from Caldicoprobacter algeriensis sp. nov. strain TH7C1(T).
General Microbes JCM 13156 Absolute stereochemistry of altersolanol A and alterporriols.
General Microbes JCM 20382 Conformational analysis of an extracellular polysaccharide produced by Sphaerotilus natans.
General Microbes JCM 18293 Termination of the structural confusion between plipastatin A1 and fengycin IX.
General Microbes JCM 1542 Triterpenoid saponins from the roots of Acanthophyllum gypsophiloides Regel.
DNA material , General Microbes Genomic DNA of Pyrococcus furiosus JCM 8422T (JGD07704) , JCM 8422 A macrocyclic peptide that serves as a cocrystallization ligand and inhibits the function of a MATE family transporter.
General Microbes JCM 16214 Two new cholic acid derivatives from the marine ascidian-associated bacterium Hasllibacter halocynthiae.
General Microbes JCM 6977 Prebiotic activity of polysaccharides extracted from Gigantochloa levis (Buluh beting) shoots.
General Microbes JCM 2412 Antioxidant, antimicrobial and tyrosinase inhibitory activities of xanthones isolated from Artocarpus obtusus F.M. Jarrett.
General Microbes JCM 10569 Ultrafine cellulose fibers produced by Asaia bogorensis, an acetic acid bacterium.
General Microbes JCM 6362 , JCM 6364 , JCM 6366 , JCM 6367 , JCM 6370 , JCM 6371 , JCM 6375 , JCM 6376 , JCM 6377 , JCM 6386 , ... Biosynthesis of a novel cyclic C35-terpene via the cyclisation of a Z-type C35-polyprenyl diphosphate obtained from a nonpathogenic Mycobacterium species.
General Microbes JCM 10324 A basidiomycetous yeast, Pseudozyma tsukubaensis, efficiently produces a novel glycolipid biosurfactant. The identification of a new diastereomer of mannosylerythritol lipid-B.
General Microbes JCM 10111 , JCM 10110 , JCM 10112 Immunochemical studies of trehalose-containing major glycolipid from Tsukamurella pulmonis.
General Microbes JCM 9730 Formation and characterization of spherelike bacterial cellulose particles produced by Acetobacter xylinum JCM 9730 strain.