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Xenopus tropicalis Heterogeneity of synonymous substitution rates in the Xenopus frog genome.
Xenopus tropicalis Independent pseudogenizations and losses of sox15 during amniote diversification following asymmetric ohnolog evolution.
Xenopus tropicalis Yolk platelets impede nuclear expansion in Xenopus embryos.
Xenopus tropicalis Comparative anatomy on the development of sperm transporting pathway between the testis and mesonephros.
Xenopus tropicalis Nutritional control of thyroid morphogenesis through gastrointestinal hormones.
Xenopus tropicalis Xenopus Web browser Gene Structure Analysis of Chemokines and Their Receptors in Allotetraploid Frog, Xenopus laevis.
Xenopus tropicalis Sperm MMP-2 is indispensable for fast electrical block to polyspermy at fertilization in Xenopus tropicalis.
Xenopus tropicalis Application of the RNA interference technique to Xenopus embryos: Specific reduction of the β-catenin gene products by short double-stranded RNA produced by recombinant human Dicer.
Xenopus tropicalis A rapid segmentation method of cell boundary for developing embryos using machine learning with a personal computer
Xenopus tropicalis Nigerian BH The gastrin-releasing peptide/bombesin system revisited by a reverse-evolutionary study considering Xenopus.
Xenopus tropicalis TGF-β1 signaling is essential for tissue regeneration in the Xenopus tadpole tail.
Xenopus tropicalis Adrenomedullin 2 and 5 activate the calcitonin receptor-like receptor (clr) - Receptor activity-modifying protein 3 (ramp3) receptor complex in Xenopus tropicalis.
Xenopus tropicalis Amiodarone bioconcentration and suppression of metamorphosis in Xenopus.
Xenopus tropicalis DNA content contributes to nuclear size control in Xenopus laevis.
Xenopus tropicalis 生体 Generation of no-yellow-pigment Xenopus tropicalis by slc2a7 gene knockout.
Xenopus tropicalis A simple and practical workflow for genotyping of CRISPR-Cas9-based knockout phenotypes using multiplexed amplicon sequencing.
Xenopus tropicalis Motilin- and ghrelin-induced contractions in isolated gastrointestinal strips from three species of frogs.
Xenopus tropicalis Chromatin dynamics underlying the precise regeneration of a vertebrate limb - Epigenetic regulation and cellular memory.
Xenopus tropicalis Insights regarding skin regeneration in non-amniote vertebrates: Skin regeneration without scar formation and potential step-up to a higher level of regeneration.
Xenopus tropicalis The AP-1 transcription factor JunB functions in Xenopus tail regeneration by positively regulating cell proliferation.