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Clawed frogs / Newts Xenopus tropicalis , Pleurodeles waltl CRISPR-Cas9-Based Functional Analysis in Amphibians: Xenopus laevis, Xenopus tropicalis, and Pleurodeles waltl.
Clawed frogs / Newts Xenopus tropicalis Uncovering the mesendoderm gene regulatory network through multi-omic data integration.
Clawed frogs / Newts Simple embryo injection of long single-stranded donor templates with the CRISPR/Cas9 system leads to homology-directed repair in Xenopus tropicalis and Xenopus laevis.
Clawed frogs / Newts Genome evolution in the allotetraploid frog Xenopus laevis.
Clawed frogs / Newts Xenopus pax6 mutants affect eye development and other organ systems, and have phenotypic similarities to human aniridia patients.
Clawed frogs / Newts Navigating Xenbase: An Integrated Xenopus Genomics and Gene Expression Database.
Clawed frogs / Newts A unique role of thyroid hormone receptor β in regulating notochord resorption during Xenopus metamorphosis.
Clawed frogs / Newts Xenopus tropicalis Foxh1 Occupies cis-Regulatory Modules Prior to Dynamic Transcription Factor Interactions Controlling the Mesendoderm Gene Program.
Clawed frogs / Newts X. tropicalis no privacy, a Xenopus tropicalis mutant, is a model of human Hermansky-Pudlak Syndrome and allows visualization of internal organogenesis during tadpole development.
Clawed frogs / Newts Tol2 transposon-mediated transgenesis in Xenopus tropicalis.
Clawed frogs / Newts Nodal-related gene Xnr5 is amplified in the Xenopus genome.