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Chicken / Quail Chickens consumed in early modern samurai residences: A study of bird remains from the Ichigaya Honmura‐cho site, Tokyo, Japan
Chicken / Quail Quail WE Stiffness of primordial germ cells is required for their extravasation in avian embryos.
Chicken / Quail WL-G Identification of candidate genes responsible for innate fear behavior in the chicken.
Chicken / Quail mCherry発現トランスジェニックウズラ Diverse contribution of amniogenic somatopleural cells to cardiovascular development: With special reference to thyroid vasculature
Chicken / Quail WE , NIES-L , NIES-Fr Uterus-specific transcriptional regulation underlies eggshell pigment production in Japanese quail.
Chicken / Quail WL-G Evidence for divergence of DNA methylation maintenance and a conserved inhibitory mechanism from DNA demethylation in chickens and mammals.
Chicken / Quail Assessment of genetic diversity and genetic relationships of farm and laboratory quail populations in Japan using microsatellite DNA markers.
Chicken / Quail RJF Geographic Origin and Genetic Characteristics of Japanese Indigenous Chickens Inferred from Mitochondrial D-Loop Region and Microsatellite DNA Markers.
Chicken / Quail Talpid mutant Japanese quail The formation of multiple pituitary pouches from the oral ectoderm causes ectopic lens development in hedgehog signaling-defective avian embryos.
Chicken / Quail TG(PGK1:H2B-chFP) Live imaging of avian epiblast and anterior mesendoderm grafting reveals the complexity of cell dynamics during early brain development.
Chicken / Quail ウズラ NIES-L Histopathologic effect of in ovo exposure to methotrexate at early embryonic stage on optic tectum of Japanese quail (<i>Coturnix japonica</i>)
Chicken / Quail Envelopment by endothelial cells initiates translocation of avian primordial germ cell into vascular tissue.
Chicken / Quail Origin and evolutionary history of domestic chickens inferred from a large population study of Thai red junglefowl and indigenous chickens.
Chicken / Quail WL-G Tonic Immobility and Open Field Responses in Nagoya, White Leghorn, and White Plymouth Rock Chicks.
Chicken / Quail Genetic Architecture of Innate Fear Behavior in Chickens.
Chicken / Quail BL-E line , Ehime-jidori Transcriptome analysis revealed misregulated gene expression in blastoderms of interspecific chicken and Japanese quail F1 hybrids.
Chicken / Quail Primordial germ cell-specific expression of eGFP in transgenic chickens.
Chicken / Quail Regulatory mechanism of chicken lysozyme gene expression in oviducts examined using transgenic technology.
Chicken / Quail Brilliant Blue as an alternative dye to Fast Green for in ovo electroporation.
Chicken / Quail WL-G Evaluation of a receptor gene responsible for maternal blood IgY transfer into egg yolks using bursectomized IgY-depleted chickens.