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Pathogenic eukaryotic microorganisms Lomentospora prolificans IFM 51110 Dual fungal infection with Lomentospora prolificans and Aspergillus fumigatus: A pathogenetic diagnosis elucidated after two decades by sequential examinations
Pathogenic eukaryotic microorganisms Phaeoacremonium minimum IFM 66741 Subcutaneous cystic phaeohyphomycosis caused by Phaeoacremonium minimum.
Pathogenic eukaryotic microorganisms Nocardia farcinica IFM 11523, IFM 645 Isolation of nocobactin NAs as Notch signal inhibitors from Nocardia farcinica, a possibility of invasive evolution.
Pathogenic eukaryotic microorganisms Trichophyton rubrum IFM 65859 A Case of Tinea Faciei, Tinea Corporis, and Tinea Unguium with Dermatophytoma Successfully Treated with Oral Fosravuconazole L-lysine Ethanolate.
Pathogenic eukaryotic microorganisms Aspergillus fumigatus IFM 62632, IFM 63147, IFM 63431, IFM 64916; Aspergillus lentulus IFM 62627, IFM 64004, IFM 64003, IFM 63547, IFM 65052. Discovery of divided RdRp sequences and a hitherto unknown genomic complexity in fungal viruses.
Pathogenic eukaryotic microorganisms Ungual hyalohyphomycosis caused by Fusarium cugenangense.
Pathogenic eukaryotic microorganisms Candida glabrata Evaluation of Surveyor nuclease for rapid identification of FKS genes mutations in Candida glabrata.
Pathogenic eukaryotic microorganisms Candida glabrata IFM 60089, 61000, 61017, 61169, 61186, 61193, 61743, 61756, 62339,64652, 64679, 64684, 64686, 64689, 64903, 64905, 58273, In Vitro Characterization of Twenty-One Antifungal Combinations against Echinocandin-Resistant and -Susceptible Candida glabrata.
Pathogenic eukaryotic microorganisms Trichophyton erinacei IFM 65833, IFM 65834, IFM 65835 ハリネズミから感染したTrichophyton erinacei(有性型:Arthroderma benhamiae)による手白癬,体部白癬の1例
Pathogenic eukaryotic microorganisms Fusarium falciforme IFM 58106, Fusarium keratoplasticum IFM 58307, 59778, Fusarium solani IFM 58331, 58332, 59445, 59509, 61910, 61912, 62107, Farium petroliphilum IFM 59480, Fusarium dimerum IFM 59549, Fusarium fujikuroi IFM 59558, Fusarium oxysporum IFM 60522, Fusarium sp. IFM 61624, Fusarium proliferatum IFM 61844, Fusarium falciforme IFM 61944, 61945, etc. (85 fungi causing fusariosis) Drain outlets in patient rooms as sources for invasive fusariosis: an analysis of patients with haematological disorders.
Pathogenic eukaryotic microorganisms Paecilomyces variotii IFM 58693, Aspergillus flavus IFM 56856, Aspergillusfumigatus IFM 58690, Aspergillus fumigatus IFM 58689 High detection rate of azole-resistant Aspergillus fumigatus after treatment with azole antifungal drugs among patients with chronic pulmonary aspergillosis in a single hospital setting with low azole resistance.
Pathogenic eukaryotic microorganisms Candida glabrata IFM 54355, 54361, 61004, 61017, 61183, 64525, 64727, 65028, 61169, 61186, 61000, 63381, 56530, 61752, 52011, 52009, 52015, 54350, 54638, 56373, 58451, 61743, 61756, 62338, 63679, 63846, 64557, 64679, 65171, 65907, 64903, 64905, 64554, 54635, 57351, 60089, 61016, 65828, 52014, 56380, 61014, 61193 Genetic Basis of Azole and Echinocandin Resistance in Clinical Candida glabrata in Japan.
Pathogenic eukaryotic microorganisms Isaria macroscyticola IFM 65843 Isaria macroscyticola, a rare entomopathogenic species on Cydnidae (Hemiptera), is a synnematous form and synonym of Purpureocillium lilacinum (Ophiocordycipitaceae)
Pathogenic eukaryotic microorganisms Nocardia inohanensis IFM 0092T Isolation of Inohanalactone, a γ-Butyrolactone, from Nocardia inohanensis IFM0092T
Pathogenic eukaryotic microorganisms Parengyodontium album IFM 64296 Parengyodontium album Isolated from Cutaneous Lesions of a Pacific White-Sided Dolphin (Lagenorhynchus obliquidens) During Treatment for Paracoccidioidomycosis Ceti.
Pathogenic eukaryotic microorganisms Aspergillus tubingensis IFM 65578 (= WU-2223L) Draft Genome Sequence of Aspergillus tubingensis WU-2223L, a Citric Acid-Producing Filamentous Fungus Belonging to Aspergillus Section Nigri.
Pathogenic eukaryotic microorganisms Exophiala dermatitidis IFM 65961 Orbital abscess caused by Exophiala dermatitidis following posterior subtenon injection of triamcinolone acetonide: a case report and a review of literature related to Exophiala eye infections.
Pathogenic eukaryotic microorganisms IFM 64491 Non-dermatophyte Mould Onychomycosis in Japan.
Pathogenic eukaryotic microorganisms IFM 65662, IFM 65868 Usefulness of Wood's Lamp for the Diagnosis and Treatment Follow-up of Onychomycosis.
Pathogenic eukaryotic microorganisms 病原放線菌:IFM 10067、IFM 10881, IFM 10211 Gordonia crocea sp. nov. and Gordonia spumicola sp. nov. isolated from sludge of a wastewater treatment plant.