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Medaka Hi-medaka High-fat diet in early life triggers both reversible and persistent epigenetic changes in the medaka fish (Oryzias latipes).
Medaka OK-cab Behavioral photosensitivity of multi-color-blind medaka: enhanced response under ultraviolet light in the absence of short-wavelength-sensitive opsins.
Medaka leucophore free-2 , Nagoya , d-rR/Tokyo A gene regulatory network combining Pax3/7, Sox10 and Mitf generates diverse pigment cell types in medaka and zebrafish.
Medaka OK-Cab Interleukin-22 induces immune-related gene expression in the gills of Japanese medaka Oryzias latipes.
Medaka OK-Cab Abnormal bone regeneration induced by FK506 in medaka fin revealed by in vivo imaging.
Medaka OK-Cab Medaka Terb1 Mutant Displays Defects of Synaptonemal Complex Formation and Sexual Difference in Gametogenesis
Medaka STII A rad50 germline mutation induces tumorigenesis and ataxia-telangiectasia phenotype in a transparent medaka model.
Medaka hi-medaka Optogenetic control of medaka behavior with channelrhodopsin.
Medaka STII Analysis of medaka GAP43 gene promoter activity in transgenic lines.
Medaka OK-Cab , fu Wnt4a Is Indispensable for Genital Duct Elongation but Not for Gonadal Sex Differentiation in the Medaka, Oryzias latipes.
Medaka OK-Cab In Vitro Storage of Functional Sperm at Room Temperature in Zebrafish and Medaka.
Medaka d-rR?Tokyo Visual Perception of Density and Density-Dependent Growth in Medaka (Oryzias latipes): A Suitable Model for Studying Density Effects in Fish.
Medaka Database A transcriptional program underlying the circannual rhythms of gonadal development in medaka.
Medaka Hd-rR Membrane molecule bouncer regulates sperm binding activity in immature oocytes in the viviparous teleost species Poecilia reticulata (guppy)
Medaka OK-Cab strain (MT830) , cDNA clone, olli34h17, Ran-GTP assembles a specialized spindle structure for accurate chromosome segregation in medaka early embryos.
Medaka d-rR/Tokyo Long-lasting redundant gnrh1/3 expression in GnRH neurons enabled apparent switching of paralog usage during evolution.
Medaka Hatching enzyme Sexually dimorphic dynamics of the microtubule network in medaka (Oryzias latipes) germ cells.
Medaka Pattern Match program , slr^C100F (MT1081) , slr^F55I (MT1082). An Attempt to Identify the Medaka Receptor for Somatolactin Alpha Using a Reverse Genetics Approach.
Medaka Higashidori (ID, WS207) , Akita (ID, WS963) , Maizuru (ID, WS215) , Hanamaki (ID, WS223) , Ginoza (ID, WS255) , HNI-II (ID, IB176) , Kaga (ID, IB833) , HdrR-II1 (ID, IB178) Variation in responses to photoperiods and temperatures in Japanese medaka from different latitudes.
Medaka EST database Estrogen-dependent expression and function of secretogranin 2a in female-specific peptidergic neurons.