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Medaka IB178 HdrR-II1 , TG141 d-rR-Tg (olvas-GFP) , MT828 Qurt Dynamic transcriptional and chromatin accessibility landscape of medaka embryogenesis.
Medaka TG1403 olvas-DsRedExpress Generation of biallelic F0 mutants in medaka using the CRISPR/Cas9 system.
Medaka olvas-DsRedExpress (TG1403) , FLFII (MT109) Nanosecond pulsed electric field suppresses development of eyes and germ cells through blocking synthesis of retinoic acid in Medaka (Oryzias latipes).
Medaka T5-Tg(olphsp70.1-hRluc-Venus) (TG908) , olvas-DsRedExpress (TG1403) , T5 (MT827) , Cab Identification of a functional medaka heat shock promoter and characterization of its ability to induce exogenous gene expression in medaka in vitro and in vivo.
Medaka olvas-DsRedExpress (TG1403) , FLFII (MT109) High temperature causes masculinization of genetically female medaka by elevation of cortisol.
Medaka IB178 HdrR-II1 , MT827 T5 Minimizing scattering-induced phase errors in differential interference contrast microscopy.
Medaka IB178 HdrR-II1 Video-rate quantitative phase analysis by a DIC microscope using a polarization camera.
Medaka PKE#pBS-Tbait-olhs-loxP-RFP-loxP-GFP Visualization of Sox10-positive chromatoblasts by GFP fluorescence in flounder larvae and juveniles using electroporation.
Medaka LepR(C357X)(MT996) Renal lesions in leptin receptor-deficient medaka (Oryzias latipes).
Medaka cDNA clone (olvl23m13) Thrombin-deficient mutant of medaka, a model fish, displays serious retardation in blood coagulation.
Medaka O. curvinotus (Hong Kong, RS269) Aging- and temperature-related activity of spermatogonial stem cells for germ cell transplantation in medaka.
Medaka OK-Cab (MT830) Gene disruption of medaka (Oryzias latipes) orthologue for mammalian tissue-type transglutaminase (TG2) causes movement retardation.
Medaka Evolution of the sex-determining gene in the teleostean genus Oryzias.
Medaka Qurt (MT828) , T5 (MT827) , Fosmid clone (GOLWFno393_p20) , T5-Tg(avt-egfp) (TG976) Arginine vasotocin neuronal development and its projection in the adult brain of the medaka.
Medaka Kaga(IB833) , Hd-rR(IB178) , HNI-II(IB176) , HO4C(IB180) , Toyooka(WS221) , WS214 , WS215 , WS216 , WS241 , WS217 , ... Origin of Boundary Populations in Medaka (Oryzias latipes Species Complex).
Medaka Hatching enzyme , Da (MT20) Tissue interactions govern pattern formation in the posterior lateral line of medaka
Medaka Reconciliation of taxonomy with laboratory fish research communities
Medaka Cab Seasonal regulation of the lncRNA LDAIR modulates self-protective behaviours during the breeding season
Medaka Maizuru (WS215) , Ginoza (WS255) Genetic analysis of body weight in wild populations of medaka fish from different latitudes.
Medaka Saito (WS249) Circadian clock components Bmal1 and Clock1 regulate tlr9 gene expression in the Japanese medaka (Oryzias latipes).