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Medaka HdrR-II1 (IB178) Membrane molecule bouncer enables follicle fertilization in a viviparous teleost:Poecilia reticulata(guppy)
Medaka HdrR-II1 (IB178) , OK-Cab (MT830) , cab-Tg(rag1-egfp) (TG848) Maturation of the medaka immune system depends on reciprocal interactions between the microbiota and the intestinal tract
Medaka HdrR-II1 (IB178) , HNI-II (IB176) High-speed system to generate congenic strains in medaka
Medaka HdrR-II1 (IB178) Rearing in strontium-enriched water induces vaterite otoliths in the Japanese rice fish, Oryzias latipes
Medaka Higashidori (WS207) , Akita (WS963) , Maizuru (WS215) , Hanamaki (WS223) , Ginoza (WS255) , HNI-II (IB176) , Kaga (IB833) , HdrR-II1 (IB178) Variation in responses to photoperiods and temperatures in Japanese medaka from different latitudes
Medaka HdrR-II1(IB178) , HNI-II(IB176) Sex-specific meiosis responses to Gsdf in medaka (Oryzias latipes).
Medaka HdrR-II1(IB178) Effect of dietary resveratrol on cell-mediated immunity and hepatocyte morphometry in the model organism medaka (Oryzias latipes Temminck & Schlegel)
Medaka HdrR-II1 (IB178) , HNI-II (IB176) , HSOK (IB183) Centromere evolution and CpG methylation during vertebrate speciation.
Medaka HdrR-II1 (IB178) Dietary ARA Improves COX Activity in Broodstock and Offspring Survival Fitness of a Model Organism (Medaka Oryzias latipes).
Medaka HdrR-II1 (IB178) , d-rR/TOKYO (MT837) Threshold and spectral sensitivity of vision in medaka Oryzias latipes determined by a novel template wave matching method.
Medaka HdrR-II1 (IB178) , Hd-rR-Tg(Dmy-olvas-GFP-crystallin-RFP)1 (TG916) Heritable artificial sex chromosomes in the medaka, Oryzias latipes.
Medaka Kiyosu (WS1177) , HdrR-II1 (IB178) , HNI-I(IB177) , HSOK (IB183) , O. sarasinorum (RS284) The untapped potential of medaka and its wild relatives.
Medaka HdrR-II1 (IB178) Green light irradiation during sex differentiation induces female-to-male sex reversal in the medaka Oryzias latipes.
Medaka HdrR-II1 (IB178) Estrogen alters gonadal soma-derived factor (Gsdf)/Foxl2 expression levels in the testes associated with testis-ova differentiation in adult medaka, Oryzias latipes.
Medaka MR(del2) (MT1050) , HdrR-II1 (IB178) The mineralocorticoid receptor knockout in medaka is further validated by glucocorticoid receptor compensation.
Medaka BAC library (IMBX , OHB1 , OJV , LMB , ola 1) , HdrR-II1 (IB178) , HNI-II (IB176) , d-rR/TOKYO (MT837) , O. hubbsi (RS273) , O. luzonensis (RS270) , ... Complete fusion of a transposon and herpesvirus created the Teratorn mobile element in medaka fish.
Medaka STII , HdrR-II1(IB178) , Tg(pKIF5A-GFP) (TG1156) , d-rR/NAGOYA (MT847) Transgenic medaka fish which mimic the endogenous expression of neuronal kinesin, KIF5A.
Medaka MR(del2) (MT1050) , HdrR-II1 (IB178) Principal function of mineralocorticoid signaling suggested by constitutive knockout of the mineralocorticoid receptor in medaka fish.
Medaka HdrR-II1 (IB178) , d-rR/TOKYO (MT837) , HNI-II (IB176) Androgen induces gonadal soma-derived factor, Gsdf, in XX gonads correlated to sex-reversal but not Dmrt1 directly, in the teleost fish, northern medaka (Oryzias sakaizumii).
Medaka Gsdf(del19) (MT1104) , HdrR-II1 (IB178) , Hd-rR.Cab-dmrt1^C53R (IB1024) Mutation of Gonadal soma-derived factor induces medaka XY gonads to undergo ovarian development.