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Medaka HdrR-II1 (IB178) , OK-Cab (MT830) , cab-Tg(rag1-egfp) (TG848) Maturation of the medaka immune system depends on reciprocal interactions between the microbiota and the intestinal tract
Medaka OK-Cab (MT830) , d-rR-Tg(beta-actin-loxP-DsRed2-loxP-GFP) (TG861) Establishment of transgenic epithelium-specific Cre-recombinase driving medaka (Oryzias latipes) by homology repair mediated knock-in
Medaka OK-Cab (MT830) Congenital anaemia associated with loss-of-function variants in DNA polymerase epsilon 1
Medaka OK-Cab (MT830) Optineurin deficiency impairs autophagy to cause interferon beta overproduction and increased survival of mice following viral infection
Medaka OK-Cab (MT830) , cDNA clone (olli34h17) Ran-GTP assembles a specialized spindle structure for accurate chromosome segregation in medaka early embryos
Medaka hi-Medaka (MT835) , OK-Cab (MT830) , Tg(HuC^rtTA-TRE:GFP) (TG1372) Spatio‐temporal control of targeted gene expression in combination with CRISPR/Cas and Tet‐On systems in Medaka
Medaka OK-Cab (MT830) , Da (MT20) Local tissue interactions govern pLL patterning in medaka
Medaka OK-Cab (MT830) Acute Copper Toxicity Displays a Nonmonotonic Relationship with Age Across the Medaka ( Oryzias latipes ) Life Span
Medaka OK-Cab (MT830) , cDNA clone (olli49k20) , cDNA clone (olli49k20) Biochemical characterization of medaka (Oryzias latipes) fibrinogen gamma and its gene disruption resulting in anemia as a model fish
Medaka Tango (WS240) , HNI-II (IB176) , OK-Cab (MT830) , hps1(del13) (MT1434) , Tango-hps1(del14) (MT1435) Evolutionarily conserved role of hps1 in melanin production and blood coagulation in medaka fish.
Medaka OK-Cab (MT830) , O. mekongensis (Kalasin) (RS271) , O. profundicola (RS283) , O. hubbsi (RS273) , O. dancena (Phuket) (RS275) , O. matanensis (RS281) , O. curvinotus (Hong Kong) (RS269) , O. celebensis (Malino) (RS279) , O. celebensis (Ujung pandang) (RS278) , O. curvinotus (Hanoi) (RS268) , ... Diversity of lateral line patterns and neuromast numbers in the genus Oryzias.
Medaka OK-Cab (MT830) Gene disruption of medaka (Oryzias latipes) orthologue for mammalian tissue-type transglutaminase (TG2) causes movement retardation.
Medaka OK-Cab (MT830) , cDNA clone (ola1-212j01, olte61d07, olova4m02) foxl3, a sexual switch in germ cells, initiates two independent molecular pathways for commitment to oogenesis in medaka.
Medaka OK-Cab (MT830) Extracellular vesicles from human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells repair organ damage caused by cadmium poisoning in a medaka model.
Medaka OK-Cab (MT830) , d-rR/TOKYO (MT837) Starvation causes female-to-male sex reversal through lipid metabolism in the teleost fish, medaka (Olyzias latipes).
Medaka d-rR/TOKYO (MT837) , OK-Cab (MT830) , Tg(olvas-GFP) (TG870) , V1a2^N68I (MT1347) , V1a1(del4) (MT1350) , avt^M1R (MT1349) An essential role of the arginine vasotocin system in mate-guarding behaviors in triadic relationships of medaka fish (Oryzias latipes).
Medaka OK-Cab (MT830) , p53(E241x) (MT894) , GaudiHspCre.A (TG1053) , GaudiUbiq.iCre (TG1054) , GaudiRSG (TG1055) , GaudiLxBBW (TG1057) Stem cell topography splits growth and homeostatic functions in the fish gill.
Medaka OK-Cab (MT830) , HB32D (IB184) Histopathologic features of melanocytic tumors in Xiphophorus melanoma receptor kinase (xmrk)-transgenic medaka (Oryzias latipes).
Medaka OK-Cab (MT830) , LWS^+2a+5b (MT1091) , LWS^-2a-19b (MT1070) , LWS^-1a-19b (MT1071) Dynamic plasticity in phototransduction regulates seasonal changes in color perception.
Medaka fosmid clone (GOLWFno462_j06) , OK-Cab (MT830) Germ cells in the teleost fish medaka have an inherent feminizing effect.