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Drosophila E-10294 , E-10290 , E-10147 , E-10378 , E-10379 , E-10060 , E-10086 , E-10090 , E-10305 , E-10249 , ... Testing Implications of the Omnigenic Model for the Genetic Analysis of Loci Identified through Genome-wide Association.
Drosophila 4889R-4 Extracellular spreading of Wingless is required for Drosophila oogenesis.
Drosophila 2155R-2 , 3757R-5 , 8221R-4 , 8221R-1 Proteasome stress in skeletal muscle mounts a long-range protective response that delays retinal and brain aging.
Drosophila A Non-stop identity complex (NIC) supervises enterocyte identity and protects from premature aging.
Drosophila Antagonistic control of myofiber size and muscle protein quality control by the ubiquitin ligase UBR4 during aging.
Drosophila 10764R-1 , 4793R-1 The S1A protease family members CG10764 and CG4793 regulate cellular immunity in Drosophila.
Drosophila 13704R-1 , TBX-0002 , TBX-0004 , TBX-0007 , CAS-0002 , TBX-0010 The novel membrane protein Hoka regulates septate junction organization and stem cell homeostasis in the Drosophila gut.
Drosophila Automated FRET quantification shows distinct subcellular ERK activation kinetics in response to graded EGFR signaling in Drosophila.
Drosophila An N-terminal di-proline motif is essential for fatty acid-dependent degradation of Δ9-desaturase in Drosophila.
Drosophila Changes in temperature preferences and energy homeostasis in dystroglycan mutants.
Drosophila 8556R-1 , 8556R-3 Filopodia-based contact stimulation of cell migration drives tissue morphogenesis.
Drosophila 3307R-3 Histone lysine methyltransferase Pr-set7/SETD8 promotes neural stem cell reactivation.
Drosophila CAS0002 Magnesium efflux from Drosophila Kenyon cells is critical for normal and diet-enhanced long-term memory.
Drosophila 4726R−3  Plasticity of Carbohydrate Transport at the Blood-Brain Barrier.
Drosophila 9262R-3 , 1232R-3 High-Frequency Neuronal Bursting is Essential for Circadian and Sleep Behaviors in Drosophila.
Drosophila 3878R-3 Rpd3/CoRest-mediated activity-dependent transcription regulates the flexibility in memory updating in Drosophila.
Drosophila The Clathrin adaptor AP-1 and Stratum act in parallel pathways to control Notch activation in Drosophila sensory organ precursors cells.
Drosophila 8428R-4 , 5075R-1 , 5373R-2 , 1643R-2 An autophagy-dependent tubular lysosomal network synchronizes degradative activity required for muscle remodeling.
Drosophila HMJ22188 Humanized Drosophila Model of the Meier-Gorlin Syndrome Reveals Conserved and Divergent Features of the Orc6 Protein.
Drosophila Tep4-gal4 , Men-gal4 Single-cell transcriptome maps of myeloid blood cell lineages in Drosophila.