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Drosophila Development of the Drosophila mushroom bodies: elaboration, remodeling and spatial organization of dendrites in the calyx.
Drosophila Blockade of neurotransmission in Drosophila mushroom bodies impairs odor attraction, but not repulsion.
Drosophila Quantitative analysis of bristle number in Drosophila mutants identifies genes involved in neural development.
Drosophila The staufen/pumilio pathway is involved in Drosophila long-term memory.
Drosophila Alternative splicing of lola generates 19 transcription factors controlling axon guidance in Drosophila.
Drosophila Regulation of Notch signaling by Drosophila heparan sulfate 3-O sulfotransferase.
Silkworms , Drosophila , DGRC#106740 , phm[E7] , EST clones CYP306A1, a cytochrome P450 enzyme, is essential for ecdysteroid biosynthesis in the prothoracic glands of Bombyx and Drosophila.
Drosophila Dissecting the pathological effects of human Abeta40 and Abeta42 in Drosophila: a potential model for Alzheimer's disease.
Drosophila Isolation and characterization of dinucleotide repeat microsatellites in Drosophila ananassae.
Drosophila Identification of combinatorial drug regimens for treatment of Huntington's disease using Drosophila.
Drosophila Evolutionary history of the Drosophila bipectinata species complex.
Drosophila Speciation in progress? A continuum of reproductive isolation in Drosophila bipectinata.
Drosophila NMDA receptors mediate olfactory learning and memory in Drosophila.
Drosophila 3725R-2 , HMS01531 , 6474R-1 , 4878R-3 , 2922R-2 , 4184R-3 , 1519R-2 , 5771R-2 , HMJ21305 , 12225R-1 , ... A large-scale in vivo RNAi screen to identify genes involved in Notch-mediated follicle cell differentiation and cell cycle switches.
Drosophila 5848R-3 Alternative NF-κB Isoforms in the Drosophila Neuromuscular Junction and Brain.
Drosophila A Conserved Bicycle Model for Circadian Clock Control of Membrane Excitability.
Drosophila 5988R-3 Niche appropriation by Drosophila intestinal stem cell tumours.
Drosophila Intracellular lumen formation in Drosophila proceeds via a novel subcellular compartment.
Drosophila 7954R-1 , 1560R-2 , 5680R-1 , 5680R-3 , 3722R-1 , 1725R-1 , 1725R-2 , 5055R-1 , 5055R-2 , 7954R-1 Integrin Adhesions Suppress Syncytium Formation in the Drosophila Larval Epidermis.
Drosophila 8222R-2 , 8222R-3 , 7103R-1 , 7103R-2 The receptor tyrosine kinase Pvr promotes tissue closure by coordinating corpse removal and epidermal zippering.