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Drosophila 11027R-2 , 11027R-3 , 30170R-1 , 30170R-2 , 4155R-1 , 4155R-2 , 9379R-2 , 9379R-3 , 9429R-1 , 9429R-2 , ... ZNF598 co-translationally titrates poly(GR) protein implicated in the pathogenesis of C9ORF72-associated ALS/FTD.
Drosophila pBFvU6.2 Hecw controls oogenesis and neuronal homeostasis by promoting the liquid state of ribonucleoprotein particles.
Drosophila 1560R-1 , 16858R-3 , 1403R-1 , 2916R-1 Atypical laminin spots and pull-generated microtubule-actin projections mediate Drosophila wing adhesion.
Drosophila 13780R-2 , 13781R-1 Coordination among multiple receptor tyrosine kinase signals controls Drosophila developmental timing and body size.
Drosophila 4859R-1 , 7549R-1 , 7103R-2 , 5988R-1 Tumor-derived MMPs regulate cachexia in a Drosophila cancer model.
Drosophila 10223R-2 Topoisomerase II is regulated by translationally controlled tumor protein for cell survival during organ growth in Drosophila.
Drosophila DPP acutely defines the connectivity of central pacemaker neurons in Drosophila.
Drosophila Histone H3K27 methylation-mediated repression of Hairy regulates insect developmental transition by modulating ecdysone biosynthesis.
Drosophila Interlocked feedforward loops control cell-type-specific Rhodopsin expression in the Drosophila eye.
Drosophila Refinement of wingless expression by a wingless- and notch-responsive homeodomain protein, defective proventriculus.
Drosophila A novel homeobox gene mediates the Dpp signal to establish functional specificity within target cells.
Drosophila Evolution of a neuromuscular sexual dimorphism in the Drosophila montium species group.
Drosophila HMS00433 , 1114R-2 , 2720R-1 , HMS00779 , 10033R-1 , GL00026 , 10379R-1 , HMC03172 , HMC03083 , 7230R-2 , ... Migration of primordial germline cells is negatively regulated by surrounding somatic cells during early embryogenesis in Drosophila melanogaster.
Drosophila Systematic identification of genes regulating synaptic remodeling in the Drosophila visual system.
Drosophila Analysis on gene modular network reveals morphogen-directed development robustness in Drosophila.
Drosophila 15009R-3 Coordination of tumor growth and host wasting by tumor-derived Upd3.
Drosophila TBX-0002 , TBX-0004 , TBX-0009 , CAS-0001 , TBX-0010 Phosphatidylserine synthase plays an essential role in glia and affects development, as well as the maintenance of neuronal function.
Drosophila A genetic screen in Drosophila uncovers the multifaceted properties of the NUP98-HOXA9 oncogene.
Drosophila 2125R-1 Dpp and Hedgehog promote the glial response to neuronal apoptosis in the developing Drosophila visual system.
Drosophila A phylogeny for the Drosophila montium species group: A model clade for comparative analyses.