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Zebrafish gSAIzGFFD37A, UAS:GFP Target-selective vertebrate motor axon regeneration depends on interaction with glial cells at a peripheral nerve plexus.
Zebrafish gSAIzGFFM1116A, UAS:GFP Determinants of motor neuron functional subtypes important for locomotor speed.
Zebrafish UAS:GFP ETS transcription factor Etsrp / Etv2 is required for lymphangiogenesis and directly regulates vegfr3 / flt4 expression.
Zebrafish UAS:GFP Zebrafish expression reporters and mutants reveal that the IgSF cell adhesion molecule Dscamb is required for feeding and survival.
Zebrafish The ubiquitin ligase PHR promotes directional regrowth of spinal zebrafish axons.
Zebrafish HGn39D Sensory hair cell regeneration in the zebrafish lateral line.
Zebrafish HGn21A In Toto Imaging of Dynamic Osteoblast Behaviors in Regenerating Skeletal Bone.
Zebrafish UAS:GFP, UAS:RFP Valves Are a Conserved Feature of the Zebrafish Lymphatic System.
Zebrafish UAS:GFP Zebrafish etv2 knock-in line labels vascular endothelial and blood progenitor cells.
Zebrafish UAS:GFP Single-cell transcriptomic analysis identifies the conversion of zebrafish Etv2-deficient vascular progenitors into skeletal muscle.
Zebrafish HGn21A Identification and requirements of enhancers that direct gene expression during zebrafish fin regeneration.
Zebrafish SAIGFF213A , UAS:GFP Primary and secondary motoneurons use different calcium channel types to control escape and swimming behaviors in zebrafish.
Zebrafish UAS:GCaMP6s Larval Zebrafish Use Olfactory Detection of Sodium and Chloride to Avoid Salt Water.
Zebrafish UAS:GFP Late onset of Synaptotagmin 2a expression at synapses relevant to social behavior.
Zebrafish UAS:GFP Mechanism of Pacemaker Activity in Zebrafish DC2/4 Dopaminergic Neurons.
Zebrafish UAS:GFP Integration of vascular progenitors into functional blood vessels represents a distinct mechanism of vascular growth.
Zebrafish UAS:GFP Regenerating vascular mural cells in zebrafish fin blood vessels are not derived from pre-existing mural cells and differentially require Pdgfrb signalling for their development.
Zebrafish hspGGFF23C NMDA Receptor Antagonist MK801 Reduces Dendritic Spine Density and Stability in Zebrafish Pyramidal Neurons.
Zebrafish UAS:GFP Single-cell transcriptomic analysis of vascular endothelial cells in zebrafish embryos.
Zebrafish HGn39D Ribeye a-mCherry fusion protein: a novel tool for labeling synaptic ribbons of the hair cell.