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Silkworms Antheraea pernyi Evolutionary dynamics of rDNA clusters on chromosomes of moths and butterflies (Lepidoptera).
Silkworms Antheraea pernyi , B. mandarina FISH Analysis of the W Chromosome in Bombyx mandarina and Several Other Species of Lepidoptera by Means of B. mori W-BAC Probes
Silkworms Antheraea yamamai , Antheraea pernyi , Samia cynthia ricini , Samia cynthia pryeri , Saturnia japonica , Bombyx mandarina , Bombyx mori カイコ・野蚕の遺伝資源に関する研究 -蚕糸業・野蚕糸業の復興に向けて―
Silkworms Antheraea pernyi Germ cell specification and early embryonic patterning in Bombyx mori as revealed by nanos orthologues.
Silkworms Samia cynthia ricini , Samia cynthia pryeri , Antheraea pernyi , Antheraea yamamai , b10 , c04 , c05 , c10 , c11 , c12 , ... Diversity in copy number and structure of a silkworm morphogenetic gene as a result of domestication.
Silkworms Samia cynthia ? , Antheraea pernyi The BmChi-h gene, a bacterial-type chitinase gene of Bombyx mori, encodes a functional exochitinase that plays a role in the chitin degradation during the molting process.
Silkworms Antheraea pernyi , Antheraea yamamai , Samia cynthia ricini Survey and analysis of microsatellites in the silkworm, Bombyx mori: frequency, distribution, mutations, marker potential and their conservation in heterologous species.
Silkworms Antheraea pernyi Antheraea pernyi nucleopolyhedrovirus mutants lacking functional cathepsin and/or chitinase genes suppress proteolysis and liquefaction of virus- infected diapausing A. pernyi pupae.
Silkworms Antheraea pernyi , Samia cynthia ricini , Samia cynthia pryeri Diapausing pupa of wild silkmoths as an ideal model of bioreactor.
Silkworms Antheraea yamamai , Antheraea pernyi , Samia cynthia ricini , Samia cynthia pryeri , Rodinia fugax Possible horizontal transfer of mariner-like sequences into some invertebrates including lepidopteran insects, a grasshopper and a coral.