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Japanese macaques Conversion of concept-specific decision confidence into integrative introspection in primates.
Japanese macaques Subthalamic nucleus stabilizes movements by reducing neural spike variability in monkey basal ganglia.
Japanese macaques Subthalamic nucleus deep brain stimulation driven by primary motor cortex γ2 activity in parkinsonian monkeys.
Japanese macaques Decoding distributed oscillatory signals driven by memory and perception in the prefrontal cortex.
Japanese macaques Dimension of visual information interacts with working memory in monkeys and humans.
Japanese macaques Mental construction of object symbols from meaningless elements by Japanese macaques (Macaca fuscata).
Japanese macaques Chronic Behavioral Manipulation via Orally Delivered Chemogenetic Actuator in Macaques.
Japanese macaques Effects of GABAergic and Glutamatergic Inputs on Temporal Prediction Signals in the Primate Cerebellar Nucleus.
Japanese macaques Musculoskeletal Modeling and Inverse Dynamic Analysis of Precision Grip in the Japanese Macaque.
Japanese macaques Theory of mind tested by implicit false belief: a simple and full-fledged mental state attribution.
Japanese macaques Hydroxynonenal causes Langerhans cell degeneration in the pancreas of Japanese macaque monkeys.
Japanese macaques Live agent preference and social action monitoring in the macaque mid-superior temporal sulcus region.
Japanese macaques Chemogenetic sensory fMRI reveals behaviorally relevant bidirectional changes in primate somatosensory network.
Japanese macaques Chemogenetic inactivation reveals the inhibitory control function of the prefronto-striatal pathway in the macaque brain.
Japanese macaques Microendoscopic calcium imaging of the primary visual cortex of behaving macaques.
Japanese macaques Altered Dynamic Information Flow through the Cortico-Basal Ganglia Pathways Mediates Parkinson's Disease Symptoms.
Japanese macaques D1- and D2-like receptors differentially mediate the effects of dopaminergic transmission on cost-benefit evaluation and motivation in monkeys.
Japanese macaques Single-unit Recording in Awake Behaving Non-human Primates.
Japanese macaques A convolutional neural network for estimating synaptic connectivity from spike trains.
Japanese macaques The Role of the Medial Prefrontal Cortex in Moderating Neural Representations of Self and Other in Primates.