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Japanese macaques Subthalamic nucleus deep brain stimulation driven by primary motor cortex γ2 activity in parkinsonian monkeys.
Japanese macaques Role of the nucleus accumbens in functional recovery from spinal cord injury.
Japanese macaques Effects of Optogenetic Suppression of Cortical Input on Primate Thalamic Neuronal Activity during Goal-Directed Behavior.
Japanese macaques Parkinsonism Differently Affects the Single Neuronal Activity in the Primary and Supplementary Motor Areas in Monkeys: An Investigation in Linear and Nonlinear Domains.
Japanese macaques Local field potential dynamics in the primate cortex in relation to parkinsonism reveled by machine learning: A comparison between the primary motor cortex and the supplementary area.
Japanese macaques Direct and indirect pathways for choosing objects and actions.
Japanese macaques Cerebellar Roles in Self-Timing for Sub- and Supra-Second Intervals.
Japanese macaques Striatal dopamine modulates timing of self-initiated saccades.
Japanese macaques Implications of Lateral Cerebellum in Proactive Control of Saccades.
Japanese macaques Postnatal Development of Intrinsic Horizontal Axons in Macaque Inferior Temporal and Primary Visual Cortices.
Japanese macaques Toward a better understanding of social learning, social deciding, and other-regarding preferences.
Japanese macaques Temporally specific sensory signals for the detection of stimulus omission in the primate deep cerebellar nuclei.