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Japanese macaques Chemogenetic dissection of the primate prefronto-subcortical pathways for working memory and decision-making.
Japanese macaques Artificial cortico-muscular connection via neural interface to regain volitional control of limb movements.
Japanese macaques Dynamics of Stimulus Selectivity in Inferotemporal Neurons
Japanese macaques パーキンソン病の病態生理
Japanese macaques ネットワーク病としてのパーキンソン病
Japanese macaques Object discrimination performance and dynamics evaluated by inferotemporal cell population activity.
Japanese macaques Spontaneous grouping of saccade timing in the presence of task-irrelevant objects.
Japanese macaques Changes in beta and high-gamma power in resting-state electrocorticogram induced by repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation of primary motor cortex in unanesthetized macaque monkeys.
Japanese macaques Tonic firing mode of midbrain dopamine neurons continuously tracks reward values changing moment-by-moment.
Japanese macaques Ketamine-Induced Alteration of Working Memory Utility during Oculomotor Foraging Task in Monkeys.
Japanese macaques The posterior parietal cortex contributes to visuomotor processing for saccades in blindsight macaques.
Japanese macaques Effects of Optogenetic Suppression of Cortical Input on Primate Thalamic Neuronal Activity during Goal-Directed Behavior.
Japanese macaques Subcortical encoding of agent-relevant associative signals for adaptive social behavior in the macaque.
Japanese macaques Divergent Whole Brain Projections from the Ventral Midbrain in Macaques.
Japanese macaques Neural Evidence of Mirror Self-Recognition in the Secondary Somatosensory Cortex of Macaque: Observations from a Single-Cell Recording Experiment and Implications for Consciousness.
Japanese macaques Temporal Prediction Signals for Periodic Sensory Events in the Primate Central Thalamus.
Japanese macaques Contribution of the Pulvinar and Lateral Geniculate Nucleus to the Control of Visually Guided Saccades in Blindsight Monkeys.
Japanese macaques Socially relative reward valuation in the primate brain.
Japanese macaques A causal role for frontal cortico-cortical coordination in social action monitoring.
Japanese macaques Forelimb force direction and magnitude independently controlled by spinal modules in the macaque.