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Japanese macaques The Ventral Striatum is a Key Node for Functional Recovery of Finger Dexterity After Spinal Cord Injury in Monkeys.
Japanese macaques Distinct sensorimotor feedback loops for dynamic and static control of primate precision grip.
Japanese macaques Frequent horizontal and mother-to-child transmission may contribute to high prevalence of STLV-1 infection in Japanese macaques.
Japanese macaques Macaques Exhibit Implicit Gaze Bias Anticipating Others' False-Belief-Driven Actions via Medial Prefrontal Cortex.
Japanese macaques Representation of distinct reward variables for self and other in primate lateral hypothalamus.
Japanese macaques Spatial and temporal adaptation of predictive saccades based on motion inference.
Japanese macaques Stimulus outputs induced by subdural electrodes on the cervical spinal cord in monkeys.
Japanese macaques Secondary somatosensory cortex of primates: beyond body maps, toward conscious self-in-the-world maps.
Japanese macaques Alternative routes for recovery of hand functions after corticospinal tract injury in primates and rodents.
Japanese macaques Bypassing stroke-damaged neural pathways via a neural interface induces targeted cortical adaptation.
Japanese macaques Entrained neuronal activity to periodic visual stimuli in the primate striatum compared with the cerebellum.
Japanese macaques Data on the activity of place cells in the hippocampal CA1 subfield of a monkey performing a shuttling task.
Japanese macaques The cost of obtaining rewards enhances the reward prediction error signal of midbrain dopamine neurons.
Japanese macaques The somatosensory cortex receives information about motor output.
Japanese macaques Locomotor kinematics and EMG activity during quadrupedal versus bipedal gait in the Japanese macaque.
Japanese macaques Social reward monitoring and valuation in the macaque brain.
Japanese macaques The neuropathological investigation of the brain in a monkey model of autism spectrum disorder with ABCA13 deletion.
Japanese macaques Performance monitoring in the medial frontal cortex and related neural networks: From monitoring self actions to understanding others' actions.
Japanese macaques Neural oscillations in the primate caudate nucleus correlate with different preparatory states for temporal production.
Japanese macaques Temporal Generalization of Synchronized Saccades Beyond the Trained Range in Monkeys.