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Japanese macaques Rapid Expansion of Phenylthiocarbamide Non-Tasters among Japanese Macaques.
Japanese macaques Multisynaptic projections from the ventrolateral prefrontal cortex to the dorsal premotor cortex in macaques - anatomical substrate for conditional visuomotor behavior.
Japanese macaques Development of multidimensional representations of task phases in the lateral prefrontal cortex.
Japanese macaques Prefrontal neurons represent winning and losing during competitive video shooting games between monkeys.
Japanese macaques Discharge-rate persistence of baseline activity during fixation reflects maintenance of memory-period activity in the macaque posterior parietal cortex.
Japanese macaques Visual response of neurons in the lateral intraparietal area and saccadic reaction time during a visual detection task.
Japanese macaques Thalamic mediodorsal nucleus and working memory.
Japanese macaques Macaque monkeys exhibit behavioral signs of metamemory in an oculomotor working memory task.
Japanese macaques Functional differentiation of memory retrieval network in macaque posterior parietal cortex.
Japanese macaques Functional connectivity between anatomically unconnected areas is shaped by collective network-level effects in the macaque cortex.
Japanese macaques A glass-coated tungsten microelectrode enclosing optical fibers for optogenetic exploration in primate deep brain structures.
Japanese macaques Population coding of forelimb joint kinematics by peripheral afferents in monkeys.
Japanese macaques Neuronal representation of task performance in the medial frontal cortex undergoes dynamic alterations dependent upon the demand for volitional control of action.
Japanese macaques [Neural representations of facial identity and its associative meaning].
Japanese macaques Neuronal activity of the anterior cingulate cortex during an observation-based decision making task in monkeys.
Japanese macaques 'PUFA-GPR40-CREB signaling' hypothesis for the adult primate neurogenesis.
Japanese macaques Hsp70.1 and related lysosomal factors for necrotic neuronal death.
Japanese macaques Why are hippocampal CA1 neurons vulnerable but motor cortex neurons resistant to transient ischemia?
Japanese macaques Separate evaluation of target facilitation and distractor suppression in the activity of macaque lateral intraparietal neurons during visual search.
Japanese macaques Large-scale information flow in conscious and unconscious states: an ECoG study in monkeys.