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Morning Glory   AK77   49645   Watanabe K, Oda-Yamamizo C, Sage-Ono K, Ohmiya A, Ono M.   Alteration of flower colour in Ipomoea nil through CRISPR/Cas9-mediated mutagenesis of carotenoid cleavage dioxygenase 4.   Transgenic Res.   2017 -12 -17   27   25-38   29247330   10.1007/s11248-017-0051-0  
Morning Glory   AK77   50455   Kenta Watanabe, Chihiro Oda-Yamamizo, Kimiyo Sage-Ono, Akemi Ohmiya, Michiyuki Ono   Overexpression of carotenogenic genes in the Japanese morning glory Ipomoea (Pharbitis) nil   Plant Biotech.   2017 -12 -8   34   177-185     10.5511/plantbiotechnology.17.1016a  
Morning Glory   アサガオ   49251   Kenta Watanabe, Anna Kobayashi, Masaki Endo, Kimiyo Sage-Ono, Seiichi Toki & Michiyuki Ono   CRISPR/Cas9-mediated mutagenesis of the dihydroflavonol-4-reductase-B (DFR-B) locus in the Japanese morning glory Ipomoea (Pharbitis) nil   Scientific Reports   2017 -8 -30   7   10028   28855641   doi:10.1038/s41598-017-10715-1  
Morning Glory   EST clones, BAC clones, AK1, AK2, AK4, ...   47241   Hoshino A, Jayakumar V, Nitasaka E, Toyoda A, Noguchi H, Itoh T, Shin-I T, Minakuchi Y, Koda Y, Nagano AJ, Yasugi M, Honjo MN, Kudoh H, Seki M, Kamiya A, Shiraki T, Carninci P, Asamizu E, Nishide H, Tanaka S, Park KI, Morita Y, Yokoyama K, Uchiyama I, Tanaka Y, Tabata S, Shinozaki K, Hayashizaki Y, Kohara Y, Suzuki Y, Sugano S, Fujiyama A, Iida S, Sakakibara Y.   Genome sequence and analysis of the Japanese morning glory Ipomoea nil.   Nat Commun   2016 -11 -9   7   13295   27824041   10.1038/ncomms13295  
Morning Glory   DNA clones (InNHX1, InNHX2)   37116   Kasajima I, Sasaki K.   A chimeric repressor of petunia PH4 R2R3-MYB family transcription factor generates margined flowers in torenia.   Plant Signal Behav   2016 -4 -19   11(5)   e1177693   27089475   10.1080/15592324.2016.1177693  
Morning Glory   AK124   36404   Hoshino A, Yoneda Y, Kuboyama T.   A Stowaway transposon disrupts the InWDR1 gene controlling flower and seed coloration in a medicinal cultivar of the Japanese morning glory.   Genes Genet. Syst.   2016 -4 -15   91(1)   37-40   27074980   10.1266/ggs.15-00062  
Morning Glory   pYAS101   35943   Azuma M, Mitsuda N, Goto K, Oshima Y, Ohme-Takagi M, Otagaki S, Matsumoto S, Shiratake K.   The Petal-Specific InMYB1 Promoter Functions by Recognizing Petaloid Cells.   Plant Cell Physiol.   2016 -2 -10   57(3)   580-7   26858281   10.1093/pcp/pcw017  
Morning Glory   AK1, AK5, AK62, AK302, AK311, Q0073...   35741   Morita Y, Ishiguro K, Tanaka Y, Iida S, Hoshino A.   Spontaneous mutations of the UDP-glucose:flavonoid 3-O-glucosyltransferase gene confers pale- and dull-colored flowers in the Japanese and common morning glories.   Planta   2015 -5 -27   242(3)   575-87   26007684   10.1007/s00425-015-2321-5  
Morning Glory   Violet   35713   Kenichi Shibuya   Plant materials and growth conditions of Japanese morning glory (Ipomoea nil cv. Violet)   Bio-protocol   2015 -5 -20   5   e1478     http://www.bio-protocol.org/e1478  
Morning Glory   pYAS101   35742   Azuma M, Morimoto R, Hirose M, Morita Y, Hoshino A, Iida S, Oshima Y, Mitsuda N, Ohme-Takagi M, Shiratake K.   A petal-specific InMYB1 promoter from Japanese morning glory: a useful tool for molecular breeding of floricultural crops.   Plant Biotechnol. J.   2015 -4 -30   14(1)   354-63   25923400   10.1111/pbi.12389  
Morning Glory   AK1   33193   Takatori Y, Shimizu K, Ogata J, Endo H, Ishimaru K, Okamoto S, Hashimoto F   Cloning of the Flavonoid 3'-Hydroxylase Gene of Eustoma grandiflorum (Raf.) Shinn. (EgF3'H) and Complementation of an F3'H-deficient Mutant of Ipomoea nil (L.) Roth. by Heterologous Expression of EgF3'H   Hort. J.   2015 -4 -21   84   131-139     10.2503/hortj.MI-029  
Morning Glory   Q0079   33184   Koshio A, Hasegawa T, Okada R, Takeno K.   Endogenous factors regulating poor-nutrition stress-induced flowering in pharbitis: The involvement of metabolic pathways regulated by aminooxyacetic acid.   J. Plant Physiol.   2014 -12 -3   173   82-8   25462081   10.1016/j.jplph.2014.09.004  
Morning Glory   Q0041, Q0074, Q0081, Q1123   33186   Hiroki Ishikuro, Eiji Nitasaka, Motoyasu Otani   An efficient plant regeneration through embryogenic callus formation and direct somatic embryogenesis via immature embryo culture in Ipomoea purpurea and I. tricolor   Plant Biotechnology.   2014 -6 -28   31(2)   179-183     10.5511/plantbiotechnology.14.0216a  
Morning Glory   Violet、EST clones   32254   Shibuya K, Shimizu K, Niki T, Ichimura K.   Identification of a NAC transcription factor, EPHEMERAL1, that controls petal senescence in Japanese morning glory.   Plant J.   2014 -6 -26   79(6)   1044-51   24961791   10.1111/tpj.12605  
Morning Glory   Q0061, Q0079   36390   Wada KC, Mizuuchi K, Koshio A, Kaneko K, Mitsui T, Takeno K.   Stress enhances the gene expression and enzyme activity of phenylalanine ammonia-lyase and the endogenous content of salicylic acid to induce flowering in pharbitis.   J. Plant Physiol.   2014 -6 -11   171(11)   895-902   24913046   10.1016/j.jplph.2014.03.008  
Morning Glory   Q0061 (北京天壇)   32265   Shinozaki Y, Tanaka T, Ogiwara I, Kanekatsu M, van Doorn WG, Yamada T.   Expression of an AtNAP gene homolog in senescing morning glory (Ipomoea nil) petals of two cultivars with a different flower life span.   J. Plant Physiol.   2014 -4 -9   171(8)   633-8   24709156   10.1016/j.jplph.2014.01.008  
Morning Glory   Q0079   32266   Shinozaki Y, Tanaka R, Ono H, Ogiwara I, Kanekatsu M, van Doorn WG, Yamada T.   Length of the dark period affects flower opening and the expression of circadian-clock associated genes as well as xyloglucan endotransglucosylase/hydrolase genes in petals of morning glory (Ipomoea nil).   Plant Cell Rep.   2014 -4 -1   33(7)   1121-31   24682460   10.1007/s00299-014-1601-z  
Morning Glory   EST clones, BAC clones, AK1, AK26, AK28, ...   29117   Morita Y, Takagi K, Fukuchi-Mizutani M, Ishiguro K, Tanaka Y, Nitasaka E, Nakayama M, Saito N, Kagami T, Hoshino A, Iida S.   A chalcone isomerase-like protein enhances flavonoid production and flower pigmentation.   Plant J.   2014 -2 -13   78(2)   294-304   24517863   10.1111/tpj.12469  
Morning Glory   AK401, AK402, AK403, AK404, AK405, ...   32268   Park KI, Hoshino A, Tatsuzawa F.   Anthocyanins in the flowers of Ipomoea tricolor Cav. (Convolvulaceae)   Biochem. Syst. Ecol.   2014 -1 -27   54   15-18     10.1016/j.bse.2013.12.034  
Morning Glory   Violet, Tendan   29118   Yamada M, Takeno K.   Stress and salicylic acid induce the expression of PnFT2 in the regulation of the stress-induced flowering of Pharbitis nil.   J. Plant Physiol.   2013 -8 -27   171(3-4)   205-12   23973406   10.1016/j.jplph.2013.07.005  
Morning Glory   Q0931,Q0063, Q0065, Q1176, Peking Tenda...   29119   Ly T, Fukuoka H, Otaka A, Hoshino A, Iida S, Nitasaka E, Watanabe N, Kuboyama T.   Development of EST-SSR markers of Ipomoea nil.   Breed. Sci.   2012 -11 -9   62(1)   99-104   23136520   10.1270/jsbbs.62.99  
Morning Glory   AK1, AK31, AK33   29120   Park KI, Hoshino A.   A WD40-repeat protein controls proanthocyanidin and phytomelanin pigmentation in the seed coats of the Japanese morning glory.   J. Plant Physiol.   2012 -1 -3   169(5)   523-8   22209168   10.1016/j.jplph.2011.12.001  
Morning Glory   Q0061, Q0062, Q0065, Q0438, Q1065   33330   Shinozaki Y, Tanabata T, Ogiwara I, Yamada T, Kanekatsu M   Application of Digital Image Analysis System for Fine Evaluation of Varietal Differences and the Role of Ethylene in Visible Petal Senescence of Morning Glory   J Plant Growth Regulation   2011 -6 -1   30   229-234     10.1007/s00344-010-9182-8  
Morning Glory   EST clones   11901   Higuchi Y, Sage-Ono K, Sasaki R, Ohtsuki N, Hoshino A, Iida S, Kamada H, Ono M.   Constitutive expression of the GIGANTEA ortholog affects circadian rhythms and suppresses one-shot induction of flowering in Pharbitis nil, a typical short-day plant.   Plant Cell Physiol.   2011 -3 -9   52(4)   638-50   21382978   10.1093/pcp/pcr023  
Morning Glory   アサガオ   11908   Sage-Ono K, Ozeki Y, Hiyama S, Higuchi Y, Kamada H, Mitsuda N, Ohme-Takagi M, Ono M.   Induction of double flowers in Pharbitis nil using a class-C MADS-box transcription factor with Chimeric REpressor gene-Silencing Technology.   Plant Biotech.   2011   27   153-165      
Morning Glory   アサガオ   7168   Shibuya K, Shimizu K, Yamada T, Ichimura K   Expression of autophagy-associated ATG8 genes during petal senescence in Japanese morning glory   J Jpn Soc Hort Sci.   2011   80(1)   89-95      
Morning Glory   AK302, AK304, AK312, EST clones   11902   Johzuka-Hisatomi Y, Noguchi H, Iida S.   The molecular basis of incomplete dominance at the A locus of CHS-D in the common morning glory, Ipomoea purpurea.   J. Plant Res.   2010 -8 -4   124(2)   299-304   20680382   10.1007/s10265-010-0369-7  
Morning Glory     11905   Hasegawa H, Yamada M, Iwase Y, Wada KC, Takeno K.   Reduction in the critical dark length for flower induction during aging in the short-day plant Pharbitis nil var. Kidachi.   Sex. Plant Reprod.   2010 -3 -24   23(4)   291-300   20309586   10.1007/s00497-010-0139-7  
Morning Glory     11904   Iwase Y, Shiraya T, Takeno K.   Flowering and dwarfism induced by DNA demethylation in Pharbitis nil.   Physiol Plant   2010 -1 -12   139(1)   118-27   20059740   10.1111/j.1399-3054.2010.01345.x  
Morning Glory     11906   Yamamizo C, Kishimoto S, Ohmiya A.   Carotenoid composition and carotenogenic gene expression during Ipomoea petal development.   J. Exp. Bot.   2009 -11 -26   61(3)   709-19   19933319   10.1093/jxb/erp335  
Morning Glory     11903   Wada KC, Yamada M, Shiraya T, Takeno K.   Salicylic acid and the flowering gene FLOWERING LOCUS T homolog are involved in poor-nutrition stress-induced flowering of Pharbitis nil.   J. Plant Physiol.   2009 -11 -13   167(6)   447-52   19906461   10.1016/j.jplph.2009.10.006  
Morning Glory     11907   Shibuya K, Yamada T, Ichimura K.   Autophagy regulates progression of programmed cell death during petal senescence in Japanese morning glory.   Autophagy   2009 -4 -2   5(4)   546-7   19337027    
Morning Glory   アサガオ   4456   Kajita Y, Nishino E.   Morphology and anatomy of leaves and flowers of wild-type and pleiotropic maple-willow mutant in Japanese morning glory.   J Jpn Soc Hort Sci.   2009   78(3)   369-380      
Morning Glory   アサガオ   5689   Kajita Y, Nishino E.   Development of leaves and flowers in the wild type and pleiotropic maple-willow mutant of Japanese morning glory (Ipomoea nil).   J Jpn Soc Hort Sci.   2009   78(4)   469-477      
Morning Glory   AK11, AK14, AK15, AK16, AK17, AK18,...   4742   Hoshino A, Park KI, Iida S.   Identification of r mutations conferring white flowers in the Japanese morning glory (Ipomoea nil).   J. Plant Res.   2008 -12 -17   122(2)   215-22   19085046   10.1007/s10265-008-0202-8  
Morning Glory     4163   Shibuya K, Yamada T, Suzuki T, Shimizu K, Ichimura K.   InPSR26, a putative membrane protein, regulates programmed cell death during petal senescence in Japanese morning glory.   Plant Physiol.   2008 -11 -28   149(2)   816-24   19036837   10.1104/pp.108.127415  
Morning Glory     3796   Sonoda S, Koiwa H, Kanda K, Kato H, Shimono M, Nishiguchi M.   The Helper Component-Proteinase of Sweet potato feathery mottle virus Facilitates Systemic Spread of Potato virus X in Ipomoea nil.   Phytopathology   2008 -10 -24   90(9)   944-50   18944517   10.1094/PHYTO.2000.90.9.944  
Morning Glory     3798   Kikuchi R, Sage-Ono K, Kamada H, Handa H, Ono M.   PnMADS1, encoding an StMADS11-clade protein, acts as a repressor of flowering in Pharbitis nil.   Physiol Plant   2008 -4 -25   133(4)   786-93   18433417   10.1111/j.1399-3054.2008.01104.x  
Morning Glory     3797   Kitazawa D, Miyazawa Y, Fujii N, Hoshino A, Iida S, Nitasaka E, Takahashi H.   The gravity-regulated growth of axillary buds is mediated by a mechanism different from decapitation-induced release.   Plant Cell Physiol.   2008 -4 -19   49(6)   891-900   18420594   10.1093/pcp/pcn063  
Morning Glory     4157   Kitazawa E, Miyazawa Y, Fujii N, Nitasaka E and Takahashi H.   Characterization of a novel gravitropic mutant of morning glory, weeping2.   Adv Space Res   2008   42   1050-1059      
Morning Glory   AK311, AK313, AK314, AK316, AK317, ...   2171   Park KI, Ishikawa N, Morita Y, Choi JD, Hoshino A, Iida S.   A bHLH regulatory gene in the common morning glory, Ipomoea purpurea, controls anthocyanin biosynthesis in flowers, proanthocyanidin and phytomelanin pigmentation in seeds, and seed trichome formation.   Plant J.   2007 -2 -3   49(4)   641-54   17270013   10.1111/j.1365-313X.2006.02988.x  
Morning Glory   AK401, AK402   2172   Choi JD, Hoshino A, Park KI, Park IS, Iida S.   Spontaneous mutations caused by a Helitron transposon, Hel-It1, in morning glory, Ipomoea tricolor.   Plant J.   2007 -1 -30   49(5)   924-34   17257169   10.1111/j.1365-313X.2006.03007.x  
Morning Glory   アサガオ   2173   Iwasaki M, Nitasaka E.   The FEATHERED gene is required for polarity establishment in lateral organs especially flowers of the Japanese morning glory (I pomoea nil ).   Plant Mol. Biol.   2006 -9 -15   62(6)   913-25   16972166   10.1007/s11103-006-9066-2  
Morning Glory   AK1, AK31, AK33, AK73, AK74, AK75,...   729   Morita Y, Saitoh M, Hoshino A, Nitasaka E, Iida S.   Isolation of cDNAs for R2R3-MYB, bHLH and WDR transcriptional regulators and identification of c and ca mutations conferring white flowers in the Japanese morning glory.   Plant Cell Physiol.   2006 -2 -1   47(4)   457-70   16446312   10.1093/pcp/pcj012  
Morning Glory     728   Kitazawa D, Hatakeda Y, Kamada M, Fujii N, Miyazawa Y, Hoshino A, Iida S, Fukaki H, Morita MT, Tasaka M, Suge H, Takahashi H.   Shoot circumnutation and winding movements require gravisensing cells.   Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A.   2005 -12 -20   102(51)   18742-7   16339910   10.1073/pnas.0504617102  
Morning Glory     727   Saito N, Toki K, Morita Y, Hoshino A, Iida S, Shigihara A, Honda T.   Acylated peonidin glycosides from duskish mutant flowers of Ipomoea nil.   Phytochemistry   2005 -7 -28   66(15)   1852-60   16045946   10.1016/j.phytochem.2005.04.042  
Morning Glory   AK1, AK34, AK35, AK36, AK53, AK55,...   725   Morita Y, Hoshino A, Kikuchi Y, Okuhara H, Ono E, Tanaka Y, Fukui Y, Saito N, Nitasaka E, Noguchi H, Iida S.   Japanese morning glory dusky mutants displaying reddish-brown or purplish-gray flowers are deficient in a novel glycosylation enzyme for anthocyanin biosynthesis, UDP-glucose:anthocyanidin 3-O-glucoside-2''-O-glucosyltransferase, due to 4-bp insertions in the gene.   Plant J.   2005 -4 -22   42(3)   353-63   15842621   10.1111/j.1365-313X.2005.02383.x  
Morning Glory     724   Ohnishi M, Fukada-Tanaka S, Hoshino A, Takada J, Inagaki Y, Iida S.   Characterization of a novel Na+/H+ antiporter gene InNHX2 and comparison of InNHX2 with InNHX1, which is responsible for blue flower coloration by increasing the vacuolar pH in the Japanese morning glory.   Plant Cell Physiol.   2005 -2   46(2)   259-67   15695437   10.1093/pcp/pci028  
Morning Glory   AK1   723   Cho KH, Shindo T, Kim GT, Nitasaka E, Tsukaya H.   Characterization of a member of the AN subfamily, IAN, from Ipomoea nil.   Plant Cell Physiol.   2005 -1 -22   46(1)   250-5   15659438   10.1093/pcp/pci020  
Morning Glory     726   Shimizu K., Tokumura T., Hashimoto, F., Sakata Y.   In vitro propagetion of sterile mutant strains in Japanese morning glory by sub-culturing embryoids derived from an immature embryo.   Jap Soc Hort Sci.   2005   74(4)   311-317      
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